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{Moved from General} Doc's on the bike?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Dzyan, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Hey guys/gals, just wondering what people think of Doc Martens for motorcycle wear?

    I'm specifically looking at the Asher


    I'm wanting a good boot for the bike but also for walking around town etc. I was looking at Stylmartin but I cannot get any locally to try on and I won't spend 350 on a guess (my feet don't seem to fit most shoes, a touch wide they are)

  2. Personally I quite often wear 8-ups when pottering around town in Dragons.. Not that I'd recomend them as safety wear, but they'd be better than sneakers.. Its a calculated risk. If I'm going for a serious blat, its leathers and full height motorcycle boots..
  3. The Docs would have quite a wide sole on them would t they ?
    Guess it depends what you are riding but maybe not suitable for small pegs
  4. at this stage I'm not looking at a serious blat, I'm on a hard core postie bike for commuting and I'll probably get some good leather boots when I get a bigger bike in a couple of years when finances permit
  5. I used to wear docs back in the 90s before i could afford proper gear (gear was dearer then). I crashed a couple times in them on dirt and didnt hurt myself, but teenage flexibility might have partially helped. For a ct110 i would risk it again, but its your decision.
  6. general discussion is not the domain for discussing apparel
  7. thanks for moving this, I saw this sub forum and thought it was more business related. I'll keep that in mind next time I ask about gear (and I will)

    So doc's are good for a low speed bike. Thanks everyone
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  8. Depends on the apparel
  9. yer good point, but even kinky apparel is not general motorcycle discussion ;)
  10. An alternative to Docs are Timberland. I'm on a scooter and wear a pair of 'The Icon in Wheat Nubuck' (tried to post a link, but can't due to first post rules). Very comfortable and I love the look of them too. You won't find them cheaper than $250 in stores, but can get them for under $200 on ebay. If you want to try them on in a store, find your nearest Hype DC.