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{Moved from General} Dob-in-a-dodgy-cager night

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MC_Elzee, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. On the way home just now I was turning right at a busy intersection when a cager from the left lane thought it looked like a good idea, too, crossing lanes to turn in front of me. Nothing unusual there -- I clocked him in time, pulled back and avoided wipeout. When we turned the corner there was a bunch of police cars lined up in an RBT station. The way his car wobbled and swung in front of me, this time turning left from the right lane and into a dead-end, was almost comical. You could almost see him jump out of his skin at the sight of them.

    I thought it was only fair at this point to stop and chat with the boys in blue about him. Felt like a total dibber dobber, but also happy to have had a shot at possibly getting a moron like him off the roads for a while. :D

    Anyone else have a story like this to share??

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  2. No story to share, but that would've felt beyond glorious.
  3. Sure was -- just wish I knew what happened next!
  4. Did they pull him over?
  5. He had pulled into a commercial driveway/dead end about 50 metres away from the police presence. I pointed out the general location to the (slightly-surprised-to-be-addressed by-a-scooter-rider) policeman at the end of the RBT set-up, who thanked me, and then I took off. That's why I wish I know what happened next! Would have been really hard for the guy to do a u-turn -- it is a four-lane road. My thought was that he may have legged it, or thought he could sit there until they packed up.
  6. A couple of years ago we were driving home from a mates, the wife was driving as I'd had a few, and noticed a car all over the road. We tailed him for a bit and he ran 3 x red lights without even touching the brakes! At one set of lights just as we caught up to him he was nearly on the nod in his seat. I tried to call the local cop shop as this guy was going to kill someone, but they didn't seem to be in a rush. We kept following him and came to a stop at the lights and I noticed a cop car a few cars ahead. I jumped out and banged on the coppers window and told him what was going on. The cop pulled over and flagged the driver down. We left so I don't know what the outcome was, but he was definately waisted and a risk on the roads. I'm not one to run to the cops usually, but this guy was dangerous
  7. As sad as it is, my guess is they probably did nothing.
  8. *Sigh*, you're probably right, @b12mick
  9. A couple of years ago I got a driver who was clearly drunk caught in Canberra. It's quite a long story that involved me on the phone to 000 following from a safe distance while he went between 40 and 150 on Monaro Highway, at one point chucking a U-turn.

    The cops did REALLY well and 20 minutes later intercepted us. He would pull over and got pushed off the road in front of us.

    The next morning I had a call from Tuggeranong cop shop who asked me to come in and make a statement (damage to police vehicle etc so they were investigating).

    I was treated like a hero by the police and thanked for all my hard work.

    They said he wasn't going to be driving for a long time.

    :) success!
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  10. I once gave a 'on the phone' gesture to a cop and pointed at the car in question.
    They got pulled over, I laughed.
  11. If he turned the car off and got out there is nothing they really could have done to prove he was driving if he didn't say so under questioning. it's your say so v his, assuming they even found him. I don't know if they could even breath test him given their general refusal to breath test pedestrians.
  12. Yeah, that's what I think his plan might have been. He sure wasn't risking driving past them! Would have been easy for him to lock up and go for a kebab ...
  13. Dobbing people into teh POLICE is a dog act.
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  14. Well that person may have lost their licence for a 'long time' which is completely different from 'not driving' for a long time.
  15. Ok I'll bite.
    You would rather some of these strokers who have been dobbed in be left to continue on their merry way ?

    And you wouldn't 'dob' in a bike thief ?
  16. Hahahahahahaha! Next time I will just thank him for trying to kill me -- twice -- while driving drunk ;)
  17. Was he drunk ?
    You dont know that.
    But your holier than thou attitude compelled you to take on the role of gutless vigilante.

  18. and that is the post of an idiot....
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