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{Moved from General} Denied a service worksheet

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Myke, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. So my bike had a factory recall for the ABS modulator to be replaced. So thought I was being loyal to the dealer I got it from I organised for the works to be carried out today.

    Picked the bike up this morning and I asked the guy at service (which so happens to be the owner) for a job sheet/invoice as a record of the work that was completed. What follows next is astounding!

    Guy says to me, "I can't give you that. You didn't pay for the work so its not yours. You'll have to ask Triumph for permission".

    WTF?!?! I said to him that I own the bike and have a right to everything on the bike and am entitled to know what works were done. I also choose which authorised triumph dealer does the repairs work. Also told him I bought the bike from them, referred a mate to get his bike repaired there a couple of weeks ago and....

    He ignored me and told me to go away and call his workshop manager to check and to stop pressuring him.... this coming from the owner! double WTF!?!?!?

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I pretty sure I'm damn well in my right to obtain a document stating that a workshop has performed work that they were asked to perform!?! Irrespect of who paid for it!

    Its as though he is saying I don't own the part which was replaced on the bike!
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    Sometimes I wonder if people who buy a new bike really actually "own" anything, even though they have paid 10 grand or more...
    Look this is why you avoid taking your bike to the dealer for servicing, to me dealers are just a necessary evil.
    Take it to any qualified mechanic and they will do the work for you and if you get a good one surely they will give you some proof that the work was done for your records. Despite what the dealers might tell you, of course you can take the bike to any authorised repair shop and have a warranty repair done.
    I can highly recommend 60 Degrees in Notting Hill but you live in Sydney so I'll get the Sydneyites to chime in here.
  3. What did Triumph say?
  4. At a wild guess this was the Triumph dealer in Hornsby...yes?

    Did they fill in the section of the owners service hand book?

    So long as they did that, I'm not sure what else you want, or perhaps need.
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    AFAIK warranty and recall work has to be done at an authorised service centre.

    it does seem strange, I have had warranty work done and received the job sheet with all the costings and subtotal, it then says warranty work -$xxx bring the balance to $0.00

    the triumph dealer near me gives me absolutely no confidence to use their workshop for anything, i purchase parts from them only because they are close, the way the staff present themselves to the public is nothing short of disgusting.
  6. Page 5 in the service book, Manufacturer Directed Maintenance, is where the work should be recorded.
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    Yes to the first. What makes you say that Cam?

    And yes that page of the handbook has a handwritten note saying which part was replaced. Filled out when I first dropped the bike off. But I want a record showing which shop did the work and when. And I don't need/want to see the costing if they are precious about their pricings. Just a record for the future for potential buyers if that happens and my own record.

    I believe a record of completed warranty work is also kept by Triumph and recorded against the VIN etc. But why all the hassle and rudeness to just print of a worksheet saying x part was/should be replaced under factory instructions on xxx date. And to be told, "You didn't pay me so I its none of your business" is just shocking.

    As an owner, am I not entitled to know what was done to my bike while it was in their possession and what the recall was for and documentation verifying they have completed it?

    Its just the principle of it - have had a similar experience in the past with this same guy for some insurance work where he even said, "I don't need to tell you what was replaced and what work was done - the insurance company paid for it so its theirs" then ignored me and told me to go away. Why did I go back? Don't know, thought I'd give them a second chance and one of the service managers there is an awesome and knowledgeble bloke.
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  9. You do know that some people like to have a full history of receipts/invoices for the work done to the vehicle.

    You do also know that there are other people in the world that highly value vehicles that have the complete history in receipts/invoices to the point where they are willing to pay a bit more for a vehicle that has this information over an identical vehicle that doesn't have this information.

    Also, speaking from compliance point of view invoices are god.....
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  10. My bike had some warranty work done at Peter Stevens (e.g. Triumph Australia). And I was given an invoice without even asking that was indicating the work done with the $0 charged.

    Something stinks there. They always should give at least an invoice with the short job description, parts, labour etc. Otherwise how do you even know how much to pay? Yeah, this was a warranty job. So what, the same thing. It's just the amount is $0.

    Complain to Triumph Australia, they will sort that dealer out quickly.
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    Well after yelling at the rude guy for a while and venting my frustration to the head mechanic (not his fault) and sending an email to Triumph.

    I get the invoice of the items where were replaced - with the cost amount replaced with no charge. Fine. (I never wanted to know your charges, which I told you. I can find that out if I wanted to easily anyway. Just a record of the works for a $2k part (ABS modulators are worth that much!) on a $18k asset!) I've got what I wanted yay. Was it really that hard???

    But honestly... really? it shouldn't be this hard. And if he's not sure he should have just said it politlely and say he'll try to get it for me/offer to send it out if Triumph is ok etc. Instead of saying no in a rude manner, the comments he made, even turning around and walking of whilst I was talking and saying, go away.

    The worst was the previous insurance work which they did, where he actually said, you're not the customer the insurance company is, they are the one paying.... ummm... who is the policy holder? which idiot (me) chose the workshop? who is going to be paying the excess? and whos asset are you working on? Geez. Btw I called the insurance co about this and the lady said, of course you can have the invoices, its your bike and you have a right to know what was done.

    This guy is just amazing. This morning when I went it, I was all cheery and polite saying, "Hi xxxx early morning for you?" He just looks up grunts wonders why I was there looks around find my keys and gives it to me and says "You're free to go"....

    Really if you don't like dealing with customers why buy a customer facing business 2-3 yrs ago and why work on the front desk! your guys do a better job than you!

    Sorry I'm just ranting now - in short I got the invoice. Thanks for the support - I need a beer now.
  12. @Myke, my believe is that I shouldn't spoil the relationship with the dealer (or with anyone for that matter). Very rare issue can't be resolved if talking about it.

    I had a few problems when the Geoff Taylor was around. I was angry, but just went to them and had a chat. Not blaming anyone, just sincere and honest chat.
    All was great. I was happy, they were thankful for genuine feedback etc.

    Same was with PS (they sold me wrong engine covers). But just talking to people solves the problem with unnecessary frustration. And you also get to know each other better after that :)

    Talking does wonders.

    But if the mechanic is obviously screwing me... I may argue or may not. But he simply won't see me again.
  13. Just a wild guess, Myke. ;)

    I bought my last two bikes from them, a Triumph and a BMW.

    The Triumph got its first service with them, including a "recall" replacement rear shock, and has never been in their workshop since.

    I rode up to West Gosford for the "recall" replacement Reg/Rec.

    The nearest they have got to my BMW is a pink slip.

    You are obviously more into the record keeping than I am.

    I considered an entry in the Service book as perfectly adequate.
  14. AKA, get it done somewhere private, not the damn dealer.
  15. You CAN'T get recall or warranty work performed somewhere else unless you want to pay for it out of your own pocket.Part and any labour

    Manufacturers will NOT supply parts to workshops/other dealers outside their network. If you are having issues with a dealer and it's not the boss a quick phone call to dealer principal or the manufacturer will often get things sorted pronto.
  16. Oh okay, thanks for that. I was under the impression that authorised service workshops were able to perform warranty work on behalf of the manufacturers, but clearly not.

  17. That's my view as well. Which is why I went back there for the service recall. But this guy doesn't talk or listen or acknowlege it when you send business his way. He just speaks then ignores you and tells you to go away. Common courtesy is rare.

    Cam - yeah I realise a note in the book is sufficient. It was just the way he responded from a simple request that reaffirmed to me that the bloke is a tool. Next time I guess the bike will go to Northside for servicing even though they are a bit more expensive.
  18. My opinion of this is pretty much the same as yours, Myke; an invoice is a valuable thing to have from your point of view, and costs almost nothing in terms of resources, effort or time for the fellows at the dealership to give to you. I would've been pissed off as well!

    Generally its in a businesses interest to give its customers an itemised account of work - even if that work is under warranty or otherwise for free. Its professional, gives a good impression and creates a healthy relationship with the customer.

    I'm fortunate to have good workshops close by, but generally I do much of the work needed on my bikes myself... especially if away from home. Good workshops are becoming increasingly harder to find.

    - boingk