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{moved from general} Cruisers. Forbidden love?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Bern, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Hey, im brand new to motorcycling and just about to go for my P's. I ride a gv 250 hyosung aquila. While i realise the build quality may not be equal to a japanese bike, i think shes a good looker and suits my needs for now(got a good deal). The kind of riding i will be doing is general getting around, the short freeway stretch to work and some day trips when my skills develope. I've always loved cruisers and was interested in what you guys see as the pros and cons of this style. Fair bit of head shaking at the mere mention of them. What do you reckon?

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    Are those your real lips?
    I like spiders.
    But not cruisers.
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    Yeah, everyone says im mouthy.
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    i don't personally like the look of most cruisers, however, everyone is different :)

    if you like them, take one for a ride and see how it feels. if it's what you're after, who cares what anyone else thinks? :D
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    Interested in getting an idea of what you guys think the performance limitations are i.e Cornering etc.
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    what i like about them is they are timeless in design and shape. you dont need to get the latest model to be 'fashionable'. take a look at the 50's/60's movies with the icon movie stars riding on bonnevilles/thunderbirds/HD etc.....whats changed in styling? nothing. you can ride a 40year old cruiser or a 2011 model and the difference in styling is negligable.

    a sport bike is the epidemy of the best technology there is available at any given time. then you have the various phases of styling over the decades.....an 80's sport bike today is much different to a current sport bike.

    image is part of the cruiser attraction, but for me its comfort. i cant lean that far forward (to achieve lower centre of gravity) for a great length of time on a sport bike. when i went shopping i was 50/50 sport/cruiser in my mind, but once i sat on them, i found i was much more comfortable sitting on the cruisers.
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    If you love it, who really cares what anyone else thinks? Some will like it, others won't. Meh.
    Enjoy the ride.
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    I'm not a fan of cruisers, mainly because I find them REALLY uncomfortable. However, I saw a Victory Hammer in Melbourne last week and I think I'm in lust.......
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    It's much much easier to lock a thread put in the wrong place than to move it to the correct forum like bike reviews.
    Please be careful where you post!!!!
  10. No sweat, Bern is learning her way around NR. Moved the thread to the right forum :)
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    And fulla beans?
  12. Hi Bern,
    Check out Heathers posts and some of mine regarding her learning to ride,
    She rides a Hyosung Aquila 250 cruiser, toy, 2009 model,
    They are good bikes and should give you trouble free riding,
    She has done 6000 klms on it, and is loving it,

    You will get a lot of head shaking, and their crap as well. just ignore them,

    Enjoy it,
    Cheers, Brian,
  13. Hi Bern

    I started out on dirt bikes, went to rice-rockets and ended up on cruisers. They all have their moments. Cruisers tend to have a lower seat which is great for those of us built close to the ground:). They also have an upright riding position that I feel is ideal for the learner since it tends to increase the peripheral vision. The riding position is less tiring on longer trips. I once rode my Harley Heritage from Dalby to Perth in 4 1/2 days and back in 4. I didn't feel tired or saddle sore after either legs.
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    Did anyone really think i got my mouth professionally photographed with a spider on my face?
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    of course we did. ;)
  18. Y'all got a perdy mouth...

  19. If you're interested in a Harley, I suggest you have a look at the Victory range. From what I've read, and from what others have told me, they are so much better than Harley, and are a bit cheaper as well.
  20. Not all cruisers are created equal...

    Depends on what you're looking for:
    Do you want performance or cruising?
    Do you want noise or efficiency?
    Do you want looks or 'being in the club'?
    Do you want tradition or cutting edge?

    Consider the following bikes, ALL cruisers:
    Yamaha: VStar vs VMax
    Harley: Electraglide vs VRod
    Kawasaki: Vulcan vs Vaquero
    Suzuki: C109R vs M109R
    Victory: Vegas vs Vision.
    Triumph: Bonneville vs RocketIII
    Honda: VTX1800 vs Fury

    Gotta know what you're looking for.

    If you want the biggest, baddest cruisers out there at the moment, you'll need to consider those ones:
    VMax / RocketIII / M109R / VRod

    Similary, if you want the 'traditional' cruiser look, stay away from those.

    That being said, everyone who likes the Aquila, is in LOVE with the M109R.

    Just sayin'