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{Moved from General} Cost of riding gear in Oz

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Pit_67, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. Hi All
    I'm from Europe and moving now to Australia. I would like to know what the "price pain barrier " for high quality and safety motorcycle clothes (Like Kevlarjeans ) in Australia is. (500$, less or more??) This because I work in this industry and I like to now if I should up something like that in Australia too.
    Thanks and safe ride

  2. It's the practice around here to enter through the welcome lounge thread, tell the folks a bit about yourself before asking questions. You'll get a better response usually.
  3. If you're in Europe right now, buy EVERYTHING you can now in advance. It'll be much cheaper!

    Everything (not just motorcycle gear) is more expensive here. Purchase your gear, purchase your furniture, bring your vehicles (if you can), clothes, technology and even toiletries, anything you can think of that you will need or want, and bring your existing stuff.

    The only gear you'll have to purchase here is your helmet, but you can use your exiting one on track if you do track days.

    Once your here, enjoy the weather, coffee, food and people.

    Then save as much shopping for when you go back to Europe for holidays.

    If you want to see what prices are for gear, just check out websites for MCAS.com.au or Bikebiz.com.au to give you a general idea.
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  4. haha. For me the price pain point is fairly low. If I buy any more gear my wife starts yelling at me and hitting me.

    I got a really nice pair of RS Taichi mesh pants on here recently for only $50. She wanted to know why I needed another pair of pants ehen I already had Kevlars and leathers.

    If you do genuinely want to set up a business here please take my personal situation into account.

    Thank you.
  5. Exactly. I found most things to be horrendously expensive in the UK. Europe, different horses for courses. We have a Australia tax for a lot of imported gear. But VAT in the UK is a pita.
  6. I found gear in the us cheaper then europe. And gear here, was cheaper then europe. Europe's freaking expensive. I go with draggin kevlars, i bought them 3 years ago for $200. At the moment i'm single, which means i have money to blow until i get a missus who starts yelling at me and hitting me. Then i'm about as rich as @Brmmm@Brmmm
  7. I just completely refreshed my riding gear from local retailers at a total cost of AU$1,366. I got a really good deal on the jacket, but got bent over a little bit on boots and visor (paid about $60 too much for both). After looking around a bit that figure seems pretty on the money. If you budget $1,500 Australian and spend it wisely you should go home with some change...