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{moved From General} Contemplating A Change...advice Needed. {locked Please Use The Correct Forums}

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Gunny, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. G'day everyone,

    I regularly keep upto date with what's going on here but barely post. Seeing as though I'm coming to the end of my lams restrictions I'm wondering what to up grade to.

    Ok so what I use my bike for is commuting pretty much everywhere, to work, to training, to mates places. I've almost done 12,000km on the bike in a year compared to 1800 in the ve Maloo sitting in the garage. I currently have an 08' ninja250.

    I want something comfortable, something nice to ride, but is powerful enough for those weekend rides with mates. I've spoke to my mechanic who has been in the business for years and he said the best bike is the cbr600. I've been looking at the super bikes e.g cbr1000 r1 gsx1000 e.t.c. I'm into the sports bikes, don't want anything to naked or tourer.

    I'm wondering if you guys have any suggestions on what to look at and what would be appropriate for what I want to use the bike for.?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Happy riding:)
  2. A smack arse,omfg i'm alive bike.
    Or take advice from Nerdrider.
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  3. Sportsbikes are pretty naked though. Even the Isle of Man racers put bigger (taller) screens on them for their hot laps.
    I reckon it's all about the fizz, sure 'superbikes' can give it to you solely based on the sheer power & speed they punch out, but you'll be gaining dmrt points on your licence every weekend & some if not all superbikes will be straining at the leash at every road you'll be on.
    I would recommend finding the fizz on bikes that don't need to be into triple figures to give you that happy ending.
  4. You do realise that any of the one litre sports bikes will happily go fast enough for you to lose your licence in any state in Oz, while still in first gear?

    If that's your idea of fun, good luck to you.

    Try sitting on a Daytona 675. If you can persuade yourself that it is comfortable, that might be a good bike for you.
  5. Sports bikes are designed for 1 thing: to get you to 300km/hr as quickly as possible. You can't pillion, luggage is a pita, no forgiveness for mistakes, they're uncomfortable and attract the greatest attention from the state and highest insurance premiums. If that doesn't put you off, go for it, they are amazing machines.
  6. Choose one.
  7. The most appropriate bikes are all those you've specifically said you're not interested in - ie nakeds or sports-tourers.

    So just buy whichever 1000cc supersports has a slightly higher hp output or bigger pricetag than what your mates are riding. For some reason I get the impression that's what you'll do anyway.
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  8. I don't want to buy into the convo about what bikes appropriate but I can tell you a bit about the bike you want.

    I got a cbr600rr (2007) that I converted into a track bike. I used it on the road for about 6 months before that. To give you a rundown on what they are like.

    Engine wise they are almost like 2 bikes. Below 8 grand it's as dull as a doorknob. Above 8 grand it goes nuts and hammers. The R6s are even more extreme at either end.

    A lot of people buy these bikes and never shift over half revs. Everything about it is nice and predictable and works well. That's why they are a nice bike if you want something modern and light that handles well that's not going to bite you. If you ride it out of the power it's like a highly refined learner bike.

    People say these bikes are boring. I tend to agree for the reason that if your trying to ride sensibly you totally stuck in the dull zone of the bike. On the twisties and mountains they're pretty fun but still could use more torque.

    On the track it's amazing because you can keep it up in the revs all day without a care in the world.
  9. Test ride everything you can, buy the one you like the most. If you've got the money, buy two.
  10. I went cbr250rr / rvf400 / r1..... I love sports bikes, but believe me when i tell you, they are a pain in the arse on the street for all the reasons already outlined. Best thing about them is the look tbh, and shit, you don't see it when you're on it. I'm eventually going to fet a naked of some sort as it'll be more comfortable, more usable on the street, more forgiving, and less attention seeking.
    I love my R1, but It's a lot more trouble than It's worth.

    I'm guessing you'll still go and buy a gixxer 1k or something and that's cool....you'll love it passionatly for a while, just be prepared for the hasstles they bring as well....best to go in eyes wide open after all ;)
  11. Fark people! He's already said, super sport, no nakeds no tourers. Just becuase you've had a bad experience doesn't mean everyone will have the same experience.

    Dude, take as many super sport bikes out on test rides. It's the only way you'll know what you like. Maybe a ZX10r, MV F4, 848/1098/1198, BMW 1000rr, RC8, RSV4? Don't know your budget but they are all reasonable options.
  12. Get a fcuking KTM RC8. Do it. Get a great big dirty leg humping V-Twin, Aprilia RSV/RSV4 are also acceptable.
  13. Superduke.
  14. Have you EVER read Blabs posts? He's taking the piss.
  15. Ah, maybe you should read Blabbs quote versus the modified quote...

    BTW I agree with you. V or L twin for the win.
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  16. I've read both, but that doesn't matter. I read what you had in quote and took that in context already.
    He was taking the piss and being facetious. He always does. Everywhere.
  17. I know they are unpracticle and they are un comfortable. but what im after is something that is somewhat comfortable for what it is. I think some people have taken it either the wrong way or just hate sport bikes. I like them, its what i want, and if i have to put up with some negatives of it i will. There is no perfect bike for speed, comfort, reliability, practicality e.t.c.

    Surely people do find them comfortable as i see more sports bikes on the road than any other type.

    Anyway, thanks to the people who put in some good advice, i appreciate it as my level of experience with road bikes is bare minimum. I plan to go out and test ride as many bikes as possible when i get my fulls in a few weeks.

    I was also told that a 1000(e.g r1 gsx cbr) are not as good for everyday use, as ill be commuting everyday on it, its heavy, over powered for its use e.t.c 600's ive been told are perfect, have almost the same power and are much easier/better to ride. Is this true?

    Cheers guys

  18. I would test ride everything. Not just sports bikes, but sport tourers and nakeds too. Don't pidgeon hole yourself as a sportsbike rider without at least trying out what else is out there.
    You will be pleasantly suprised at just how capable they are and also how much more practical for the type of riding you plan to use it for. I'm thinking VFR 800, FZ1, Triumph Sprint St, speed triple, street triple type of bikes. All good bikes for the type of riding you do.
    You could even get yourself a dedicated track bike as well so you can put the Ute to good use!

    FWIW I own a Daytona 675, so I get the whole sportsbike appeal thing you have going. But its my weekend blast /track day toy, no commuting what so ever. It's only done 3000KLMS in the last 12 months. Mostly short 1- 2 hour spirited rides on backroads with 3 track days.
    If I rode to work it wouldn't be a bike I would use in a pink fit because I get no joy from it under 100kph due to the riding position.
  19. I own an FZ1N Craig, and out of all those bikes you listed there, the Speedy is where it would be at for me.
    VFR too boring, Street feels too small for me, Sprint could be OK, but the Speed Triple just felt right and looks sexy as hell especially all blacked out.
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