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N/A | National {Moved from General} Comprehensive Insurance Help

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by xtothaz, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I have had a few quotes for insurance of my new ninja 650.

    Shannons was $1500
    Insure my ride $1700
    this place http://www.motorcycle-insurance.com.au/ $483

    anyone had any experience with them.. seems like its super cheap..

  2. I'm insured with QBE and so is my wife. When my wife had her off nearly 12months ago they were brilliant to deal with. The only delay in processing the claim was caused by us.

    That's a hell of a difference in price, although a few years ago Shannons wouldn't insure me because apparently an enthusiast doesn't ride every day.
  3. haha enthisiast doesnt rider every day.... thats funny..

    Thanks for the info mate.. do you go directly through QBE or http://www.motorcycle-insurance.com.au/ ??

    i cant believe the huge difference... its crazy..
  4. This is rather embarrassing, my wife looks after all that shit. But, I think she did it all over the phone.
  5. If its lams I would call Swann
  6. non lams mate

    did a quote with them $1500
  7. I'm with QBE for Green Slip and Comp on both the car and the bike; I can't fault them for service or for their rates.
  8. Sorry mate, with quotes that high, I figure you are either very young or have a wild driving record.
    I am over 40yrs and my 1300 cost me $271.31 with IMR. (Full comp)

    however; when I was around 25yrs I was paying around $1500 with Swann.
  9. I was just trying to get a quote from them but got "suspicious" about the quality of their the web site.
    Hope they are fine when dealing with the claims.

    For example:

    - There's no "Feb" for a brithday - instead 2 "Mar"-ches.
    - They ask both birthday and the age. Why ask the same question?
    - What's the current NCB rating - I have not idea what the NCB means and there's no hint (I have to go and figure it out)
    - They require a Home Phone number. WTF? I don't even remember that I have one.
    - When you try to go Bakc you lose everything you've filled in.

    All smalle things, but quite annoying for me.

    On the other hand I'm with QBE and they dealt with the claim with no issues.
  10. QBE for comp on the 14 &12.... GIO for the CTP....... nobody else could touch them for price last year.....:confused: happy to look at others but....
  11. you may find that website is merely a 3rd party selling QBE (dunno?) as my ins paperwork does not list that telnumber.......

    If you want QBE try ringing 1800243464
  12. just got a quote over the phone from QBE directly.. $510... not bad. beats paying $1500
    im 27 years old.
  13. Rogues, do QBE bundle insurance for your 14 and 12? Or are they seperate policies? I want to insure my 600 rr and 1000 rr under the same policy - not sure about you fellas but i can only ride one at a time currently.
    Anyone got a solution? Cheers.
  14. Thats QBE not a third party. Look at the PDS.

    Its a bad site though.
  15. Lionz....... I rang them on the 12, told them it was a second policy, but I dont think it helped
    (heard muttering on the other end to do with 'hoon' and 'mad bastid'...):rolleyes:

    so.........No!.... two seperate policies brother
  16. not sayin' it isnt a QBE policy 'VC'............ just saying it could well be

    'Timbucktoo Insurance agency' selling QBE and getting a comm....... (dont know)
  17. Cheers Rogues. I've been trying to crack this for a while. I don't mind paying for the dearest one and even getting slightly loaded, but two policies, three with my commuter, is a killer.
    Progressive do it for cars, about time some pro bike insurance took the idea on.
  18. Insuremyride are the winners for me this year
  19. Qbe allow listed modifications. Including power commanders etc etc.

    Well worthwhile if you have an off, and need to claim.