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{moved from General}Commuter pillion bike advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by WeeBubba, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. G'day all

    Am needing a long term bike that is nimble and easy to ride in traffic. But also needs to have a nice wide big seat so is comfortable enough to take my missus on the back now and again. Really I like the naked style bikes too. Doesn't have to be land approved. Don't want something too powerful or a big touring bike etc. Also importantly I want something that is easy to maintain, reliable and I can hopefully get a lot of kilometers out of.

    Currently have a gs500 which seems perfect. But I'd like to demo a few other models to see if perhaps theres something similar out there that i will like even better. Any recommendations for other bike models I could try out?

  2. Re: Commuter pillion bike advice

    also (an afterthought) my GS500 should be ok for a pillion right?
  3. Re: Commuter pillion bike advice

    Depends on how big (heavy) your pillion is.
  4. Re: Commuter pillion bike advice

    my missus is only small and slim, am looking at what alternatives there are for a slightly bigger engine, maybe 600cc, but dont want to sacrifice mobility, will only be taking her out once a fortnight something like that, the main thing the bike will be needed for is commuting, traffic, etc.

    i like my GS500 but wouldnt mind trying a few alternatives out in case something grabs me
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  6. Any bike can be nimble when ridden properly! I used to have an 1100 blackbird and that was awesome to commute on absolutely effortless to fly around the back streets and through roundabouts etc. I passed the mockup Ls test on it at homebush for shits and giggles one time. It wasn't as good for splitting and parking though. great for pillions and long trips.

    I'm looking at getting a VTR1000 really soon, should be the same deal but physically smaller in all respects.

    I don't think you should be scared off by the bigger bikes they are usually easier and more pleasant to ride.
  7. Re: Commuter pillion bike advice

    If your wife is only slim then the GS will probably do the job.

    Have a look at the GSX650F, Ninja650, ER6. But becareful not to get the LAMS version.
  8. Re: Commuter pillion bike advice

    Shame you're in Sydney. My sister in Melbourne is selling her VTR1000.
  9. Ah damn! I've got the money to buy one now but I'm waiting to find out if I keep my license when I go to court in a month. The suspense is killing me.
  10. Re: Commuter pillion bike advice

    Good luck with that bloke.
  11. Re: Commuter pillion bike advice

    about 8 grand give or take

    splitting is important for me as sometimes the traffic is chocca on my way home from work

    Had a good look at those yesterday, I'm thinking now you've got a good point, maybe a 600/650 is the way to go, still manouevrable enough for splitting but also with a bit more grunt for taking a pillion. just gotta be careful they fit me ok as im on the taller side at 6ft2. the ER6 looks fairly nifty.

    Ah mate, I met you a few times on the rides, didn't realise you were in a hot spot, all i can say is that it must've been extenuating circumstances because, from what i have witnessed, you are usually riding well within the speed limits absolutely at all times.

    as an aside i fkin love the look of the moto guzzi breva 850 but apparently its built for little italian whippets so may not fit me too well.
  12. Re: Commuter pillion bike advice

    For your height you may also want to look at the versys 650 as well, the upright position and high bars is good for traffic. Maybe the vstrom 650 as well if you like the look. Both you can pick up with less than 20K at $8K
  13. love the breva range, because of the shaft drive especially. Used to commute on the 750 myself and it was flawless, if its in budget at least give a look to see if it fits. Of course my unbiased opinion would be to have a look at the Shiver 750.
  14. My cb600 is great in traffic. good mid-range. I'm 6'2 and it fits me well.
  15. Marty (#1 not #2), you'd be surprised how the GS goes for pillioning. I've done it a few times with the mrs and I only find it to be a little awkward <5kmh but I think that's more my throttle control than anything else.

    Once you're above 3 grand I don't even notice much difference ..... until I brake hard and feel like I should be a soprano ;)

    That's actually my only irk about it, the seat being one unit and really slanted for the pillion. It doesn't actually take much of a downhill slope before I'm in trouble.
  16. Am I Marty #1 or #2?

    I bit the bullet I'm buying a vtr1000 on Sunday for a bargain.
  17. Doh meant to avoid confusion! You're #2 haha

    Congrats in the purchase. Will we see it on Sunday?
  18. Too good to refuse or are you betting that the suspension will go well?