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VIC {Moved from General} Can I ride with my Indian DL

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by beruoist, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Need your urgent help here.I am in temporary visa here.I have purchased a motorcycle.

    I have a valid Indian Driving License.Can i ride a motorcycle in VIC.Or i need to get a VIC license ?

    Please help as i am planning to do a 02 days trip on this weekend.

  2. Did you get an International Driving Permit before you came? That translates your Indian license to report it in the nationally recognized way.
  3. http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/Licences/NewToVictoria/OverseasDriversLicences.htm
  4. and must be Indian MOTORCYCLE licence to ride here, not just a car licence
  5. I have already read that and according to this statement i can ride with my Indian DL as it is in English and i am on temporary visit.

    But what i have been reading in the Forums is,There should be an entry in the Government records so that if i violate any law.Fine's should be routed to the registered address with VIC Roads.

    Confused ](*,)

  6. fines will go to the number plates address
  7. That only applies to DRIVING licenses.

    Where motorcycles are concerned the rules are different altogether. The difference in the Vic roads rules are due to the vast differences in the power to weigh ratios of the majority of bikes in these countries.I know about this as i had to jump through hoops to get my licence converted.

    India is on the top of the list of countries whose motorcycle license is prohibited to be used for two wheelers here in Victoria. When i got my Nepalese licence converted to Victorian the car part was not a problem but was told flat out by Vicroads that the motorcycle part was not possible. I did an indepth study of the rules and turns out i was told so by the vicroads CSR as i looked Indian and he assumed i had Indian licence my Victorian motorcycle was unrestricted as i had held my nepalese licence for over 10 years but i still had to go through all the tests a new application had to go through.

    As this was for a permanent resident and i needed a permanent licence, I would suggest calling vicroads up directly and having a clear conversation with them. If you have the time, email your query so that if the reply is a 'yes, you are allowed' you can print a copy of this and keep it with you if/when you get pulled over. Victorian police know the difference between the driver vs rider laws and are very unsympathetic (and in many cases, as i have experienced, complete assholes to people in your situation)

    Good Luck.

  8. Provided it's a Royal Enfield you can do whatever you want.

    If you behave yourself, dot your i's, and ride on a weekday then you probably won't be questioned about it. I'm on the bike almost everyday and I only get pulled over for a license check once every two or three years. Of course if you crash and it turns out that you are indeed unlicensed, forget insurance.... It sounds like you might have to delay your trip.
  9. I imagine that if you have bought a motorcycle, you will have complied with VicRoads regulations by

    Or if not yet you will be soon, so that would probably be the best time to ask about licensing requirements if you need to be in there anyway (from memory you need a licence to be able to register a vehicle???)

    Good luck with the trip, had a flick through your blog and looks awesome so far (y)
  10. OK I will jump in and say it!

    Don't! .. repeat DON'T ride or drive in Victoria without sitting a real driving test... there are enough bastards out there trying to fucking kill us already.
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  11. Again, can't believe it hasn't been said. . . you could get a taxi licence easier than a motorcycle licence in Australia. :eek:
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  12. I had a long chat with VIC road guys today and they clearly advised multiple times in response to my single query.

    Yes,I can ride a motorcycle with Indian DL, if I am on a temporary visa and the DL is in English language

    This is a big relief and three Cheers to the country for having such flexible rules.Its an great thing for passionate tourers like me.

  13. #14 Captn Spock, Sep 9, 2012
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    Simply not true buddy. I was a Indian national with my Indian car + motorcycle license here (in melbourne) between 2006-2009 (3 years). I took up Australian Permanent residency in 2009 and then subsequently chose to get my overseas license converted to a full Australian license.

    Let me tell you about the 2006-2009 era. I was on a supersport 600cc bike riding twisties with regular meetups with highway patrol during that time. Never had an issue with my Indian license. It was and still is perfectly legal to ride here on Indian license so long as it is in English and you are not a permanent Australian resident.

    I can in fact take you to the Epping (Vic) highway patrol unit and introduce you to a gentleman who has booked me on both my Indian license (2008) and Australian license (2011) for speeding. Knows me well and can attest to the legality of my Indian license. It has to be in English and valid. No further requirements.

    If and when a migrant decides to take up permanent residency like I did, they are able to convert their license to a full Australian license with no restrictions, no lams, no Ps, nothing. Once an individual becomes an Australian permanent resident, they MUST convert their overseas license to an Austrlaian one within 6 months of attaining residency.

    True story and that's the law. Anyone telling you otherwise is bulllshitting.

    Hate to say this but, anyone who has driven or ridden in India is one gazillion times more capable of looking after themselves on the road here in Australia. My only advice to the OP is that if you are going to ride something significantly faster than you did in India be careful. Don't go out and buy a fully sick Yamaha R1 and expect to be good at it. It will be very different to what you are used to riding in India.

    As for bad drivers and traffic, by Indian standards, Australian roads are safer than heaven and there are no bad drivers. Traffic is predictable and mostly very mild. If you think I am being cocky, search any YouTube videos on Mumbai traffic. Australian roads are very safe, relatively speaking.

    Yes there are smidsys and yes there are soccer mums in SUVs that drive without looking, but hey give me that over Indian traffic chaos any day. Just sharing some perspective. :)

  14. That is a good result but i would still try and get that in writing (email). Enjoy the roads here as i have, coming from similar conditions like Indian roads and traffic. This is much more fun indeed.

    This is what i wonder amazingly (and at the same time troubled) about human experiences, also a reason i simply try and not ask such questions anymore. People in the same situations can go through such different experiences of what one would have assumed, the same laws. I came here in the same era as you, in fact went and got my PR at in the same year. Only difference was i only got my Driving permit converted to Victorian (2007) after i was fined twice for over $700 at a time for driving on an international. The officers that fined me did not even look at my Nepalese license properly (which was in english by the way) and kept repeating that i was not in India anymore and that this was 'Stralia. When i pointed out i was not Indian and that was not an Indian license he was holding in his hands he said he didn't give a rats and we were all the bloody same to him.

    Even the Vicroads staff said that while driving on another country's license was fine, but motorcycles were different and that it was simply not allowed. Heck, even a dealership simply refused to sell me a bike on that basis and said that they could get in a lot of trouble over it. I also have a few Indian friends who got a "riding un-licensed" infringement for riding a motorbike on their Indian license. God knows what the bloody hell the laws are, it seems the moods and attitude of the officer who pulls you over is more important than the law sometimes.

    Since then i have learnt (the very hard way) that it does not matter what people tell you verbally (not even company, this case Vicroads, staff) and so i always ask my questions through emails and keep those email as proof of what i was told. If over the phone i make it a point to keep a record of the date, time and recording number for the conversation. This practise has saved me a lot of harrassment and stresses more than once.

    In the end though, i was happy to sit through all the tests and i was given a full, unristricted license straightaway.

    Agree with this 100% Traffic here is so civilized that it is astonishing. I actually found it hard, on my first drive, to work with the flow and not fight the chaos haha...

    Anyways, i've read your posts here with interest Ct. Spock and would like to meet up someday and/or go on a ride together.

  15. Agree with everything you say, and I have experienced Indian traffic, it's not about being about looking after themselves on the road here, (I have no doubt it's far easier than Mumbai) it's more about looking out for other road users here. There they seem to ride/drive with total disregard for anything else that may be on the road, unless it's a cow, those they try to miss. Everythign else it's a case of might has right, (the bigger or noisier you are the more road you're allowed to use)
  16. How did you buy a bike in ozz with out an ozz licence ? Im in NZ and wishing to buy a bike over there
  17. Take care and enjoy touring our country
  18. perhaps it should be pointed out that motorcycles do not comply as taxis
    in australia
  19. I dont know if it changed, but we are going through the hoops to get Mrs Messy into aus right now - she is on a BVA at the moment.
    In QLD currently (not sure if its aus wide, but its also referred to in immigration documentation) you have 3 months to change over licence after becoming even a temporary resident much less a permanent one.