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{Moved from General} Buying low km sportsbike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sretocz, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. So I have been looking at picking up a used cbr600rr and have had a few in mind already. There are a couple around with really low kms, I'm talking about a 4 year old sports bike with like 5000ks on the odometer. What would be some of the things to look out for when buying a bike like this, are there any signs I should look out for, things such as the battery, fuel sitting in the tank. Or would I be better looking at a few higher km bikes that have been serviced more regularly. Has anybody had any experience with buying a older bike with really low mileage?

  2. I would look for wiring of bolts and other signs that it has been raced.
  3. This old topic again
    People are going to tell you older bikes with low mileage have been raced and clocked etc etc etc
    Just use common sense

    I don't think 5000kms in 4 years is extremely low
    Could be owned by a weekend warrior :)
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  4. I bought an '08 Aprilia RS125 in May 2012 with only 220 Km's on the odo.

    By the time it hit 800 km's, I needed a full engine rebuild.

    Luckily it was still under the 3 month dealer warranty and I wasn't stuck with that bill.

    Be careful since you don't know how the bike was stored for all that time it was just sitting there doing nothing.
  5. Ride the bikes back to back within a couple of days. A trashed bike will feel horrible regardless of kms. I bought my bike just before Christmas with 5800km on the clock. It's a 2004 model owned by a weekend rider and true enthusiast. He still serviced it along the way and kept all the receipts.
    Check the frame or fairing for repairs, just compare the bikes you see and ride. Take notes of anything that you think is awkward so you can compare with the next bike.

    Good luck (y)
  6. It'll be one of two things, a race bike, or a fair weather princess bike.

    Either way, just make sure the price suits.

    Old race bikes aren't all rooted, and a bargain can be had at times cause nobody wants to buy them.

    After all with the jap sports bikes, they're designed to be flogged day in day out
  7. Just because they are meant to do something doesn't mean that you aren't killing your resale by buying one.
  8. If you aren't confident in what you're looking for, take someone who is with you. Or arrange for an independent mechanic to give the bike the once over.
  9. So who the hell buys a Jap sport bike for the re-sale value? (Collectors not withstanding.)

    One buys a Japanese sport bike to ride it. If you're worried about resale, buy a Harley or a Ducrapi.
  10. That is the difference. Servicing is ignored by most people if the K's aren't reached. Service intervals also go on time. Fluids go off or absorb moisture etc, seals dry out, timing belts still need changing etc.

    I'm always sus on super low K bikes.
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  11. Thats what Im mostly worried about. Just gonna have to go over it thoroughly .
  12. Why throw money away? Very few people keep any bike until it dies.

    If you want to buy a race bike go ahead, more good bikes for the rest of us.
  13. Bikes don't die

    they are killed
  14. Have you ever bought a brand new bike or car?
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  15. If it doesn't have a fully stamped service history your rolling the dice.
    Most with low K's and high years never get the proper service intervals. They get mileage only.
    So you want a stamp every six months or it's worth nothing as a trade and only good for gamblers
  16. No.

    I thought that most sportsbikes were 12 month services nowadays?
  17. I think most are 10,000km or 6 months, but could be wrong.
  18. how about a used R1? 2009

  19. My R1 was a 2007, that definitely had 12 month schedules, can't remember the kms as I didn't do many on it.
    My 636 is a 2006, that is also 12 month schedules (just checked and the new one is the same 6000 and 12 months).
    My Shadow is a 1996, it is 12 months and 10000kms but I do them about every 4000kms as it is an old bike.

    I think the RGV250 had 6 month service intervals on the gearbox oil.