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TAS {Moved from General} Biker slips past red light rule

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Joker, May 29, 2011.

  1. A nice pic here explains how he did it:

    A MOTORCYCLIST has escaped a red light conviction despite taking a very unconventional approach to passing through a major northern suburbs intersection.

    The 21-year-old escaped a conviction because he left the road he was travelling on via a slip road before returning to the main road moments later.

    The Hobart Magistrates court heard yesterday apprentice electrician Alexander Dunn, of Montrose, was booked last August for running a red light at the intersection of Main Rd and Eady St.

    Mr Dunn told the court he was having trouble with the clutch on his bike after someone had run into it earlier in the day.

    The clutch was not working correctly and he was concerned stopping the bike would cause it to stall and he would not be able to start it again.

    Police prosecutor Steve Harper told the court Dunn was travelling along Main Rd when the light turned red. He said Dunn turned off Main Rd via a slip road on to Eady St briefly before returning to Main Rd, instead of continuing on the slip road to a roundabout.

    Mr Harper said the act resulted in Mr Dunn failing to obey a red light.

    But defence lawyer Peter Griffits said his client had not broken the law because when he entered back on to Main Rd, he was facing another direction where the lights were showing green.

    During the hour-long hearing, Mr Harper argued the slip road should be regarded as part of the intersection and the defence's case focused on the fact Mr Dunn had not entered back on to Main Rd when the light was red.

    Magistrate Catherine Rheinberger said it may be that police could have charged Dunn with breaching other rules but she was not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that he had broken the red light rule.
  2. awesome, will have to remember that excuse
    also shows you just how far some pigs will go to harrass us.
    and would speculate the magistrate accounted for that.
  3. I've seen someone do this in a car "at speed" on the Great Western Highway at Minchinbury. Farkin' idiot he was.
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  5. Yeah well that guys sounded like a real menace to society , you could almost go so far as to call him a dangerous terrorist that needed to be taken down fast !

    Dead set what is the world coming to , I bet while they were handcuffing that poor bastard some ar$hole was knockin off some ones car or bike or house 1 block away or worse and they would have been none the wiser !!!.

    What a fu..kin joke .
  6. Poor bloke, yes. It's unfortunate that he died.

    But, I wouldn't be surprised if the coppers just gave him a "friendly heads up" and he's mouthed off, probably with something like "save the handcuffs and divi vans for real criminals you ****ing pigs", and it's escalated.
    How much abuse are the coppers supposed to take? I'm not saying that we should bow down and suck them off, but some people just don't know when to keep their mouth's shut.
    As far as being a threat to society -We have the clowns riding those "motorised bicycles" up and down our street and they get up some speed.
    These "riders" are all over the road, the foot path and think that because it's not registered vehicled they don't have to obey any of the road rules.
    So yes, I see them as a threat to pedestrians & other road users.

    And lets say the fella gets taken out by another car, or he takes out a pedestrian and injures them. Witnesses say "the coppers drove past and didn't even stop him" then we'd be screaming "what are we paying them for when they do nothin". They do have a duty of care regarding the safety of others don't they?
    The sad truth is that some idiots need protection from themselves as well.

    I'm not saying everyone should just accept what's happened and beige up. I'm just saying that they're doing a prick of job dealing with some real fuktards who go off chops just to wind the coppers up.
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  8. Wheres the excuse? Fast thinking from the rider and was rightfully found not guilty.
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  10. I don't quite follow the explanation, anyone have a photo or is able to draw it? How did he get back from the slip road to the main road? Cross country?
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  12. I've been through that round about thousands of times, I'm blown away that he managed to get through it like that, and dodge the ticket to boot !
    They didn't say what time of day it occurred, but it's usually pretty busy down there.

    Stupid roundabout it is... turn left, u-turn around roundabout, left again... just to go straight ahead -_-
  13. erm... If that pic has the right intersection, there is no roundabout in sight mate.
  14. Yes there is, at the top of the picture. The police allege that he did a "u-turn" of sorts on that 2-lane road instead of going to the roundabout.

    Judging by the lines on the road, he broke some road rules, but run a red light he did not. Rightfully not guilty.
  15. It's there, part of it clipped at the top of the image.
    From his original path, you cannot go straight ahead through the intersection. You have to turn away from the intersection, go around the roundabout, then rejoin the main road.
    The lane right next to the red line [left side of intersection] is a bus only lane.
  16. ](*,)](*,)

    I walked straight into that one.
  17. +1

    I've highlighted some things in the map. The through lane is marked "BUS LANE" in order to discourage people from using Main Rd to go through the Glenorchy shopping strip (left of picture), and instead use bypass roads to the north or south.

    If you do happen to use Main Rd to go through the Glenorchy shopping strip, you have to use the left slip lane (that the motorcyclist did), do a u-turn at the roundabout, and then turn left back onto Main Rd (as illustrated in blue).

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  18. well, if that was the case, why not get it towed.

    did he think he would get a clear run, without stopping at any given point, to his destination?
  19. I remember when that roundabout first went in, and the chaos that ensued for a while.
    I was playing 4ths at KGV at the time, I think, and in yr 9 at Cosgrove...
  20. Coppers stuffed up.
    They could have done him for illegal turn, fail to keep left and driving in the bus lane..
    The running a red light charge was stupid so the magistrate let him off,
    Its another case of the judge making sure the Cops do their job properly