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{Moved from General} Bike trade offer

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Disco Spider, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. So, I have an 07 RS125, mint condition, totally stock, and I have been offered a trade for an RS250, not in the greatest condition, it's fully stock too.

    These are what matter to me:
    How many race events can they be entered in? (eg, which one will let me have a better competition field)
    Range? (km before needing a refuel, I think my RS125 manages 260km)
    And that's about it, unless someone knows of any particular demons I should be wary of..

    I've done all mechanical work on my RS125, so the maintenance hassle of RS250 shouldn't be too difficult for me..
    Should I take the trade?
  2. Dunno the position in Vic, but here in NSW, the RS125 is probably easier to sell at a reasonable price, since it is a LAMS machine, while the RS250 isn't LAMS, so has a smaller number of potential buyers, most of whom don't know how fast it is.

    Dunno. You'd have to find out what clubs are in your area and then talk to them.
    Back in the mists of antiquity, there used to be lots of 250 races, but nowadays, I dunno.

    If you can manage to ride an RS125 for that distance non-stop, I am impressed.
    You must be fit, young and bendy!

    I'm surprised that the 125 can get that far on a tank of fuel, and wonder if it still has some kind of restriction on its power output.

    I've had a quick look at the Vehicle Descriptor business and 2006 was listed at 21 kW, at 10,500. I think there is some kind of butchery which can be done to the electronics to allow more revs and possibly slightly more power.

    Two-strokes aren't the most economical of bikes, at best, and, when thrashed hard, they really use up fuel like there is no tomorrow.

    My Cagiva 125 uses just over 6 litres per hundred kms. and that's just pottering around.

    Personally, I'd stick with the 125, but I am weird.
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  3. I see your dilemma, for me it would boil down to 2 things:
    -That you want a 250 2 stroke and would you be looking at an rs250 even if it weren’t for this trade
    -The value of this particular rs250, with full understanding of its condition & history, is greater than what you’d get for the 125 in a fair sale
    As far as racing goes, based on my limited experience, the 125 is not competitive with anything but comparable small capacity 2stroke machines, or on a course where its attributes are not at such distinct disadvantage. E.g. high brake/accel type tracks will exaggerate its weaknesses. On that point, the 250s suspension is superior to the 125s so that’s a plus. So the 125 will not be competitive against 250 or 400 4 strokes, don’t bother trying. Unless you put a BBK and this and that in there, within club regs, that 125 will be battling at the back of the field. Some clubs let you race the 250 stinkwheels in the 250 4stroke classes, that’s generous but not the norm from what I can tell. I said I see your dilemma as that’s crossed my mind before. Let me know if you are interested in a 2007 rs125 race bike ;-)
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  4. Yeah, you can get pretty decent mileage out of them if you stay off the powerband..

    And yes, I do happen to be all those things, I actually find the RS125 quite comfy, but even then..

    pitstops are a lifesaver :p

    But back on subject, I wasn't planning to sell my RS125, I was going to mod it and start taking it to the track, but law of diminshing returns, 40hp seems like the impossible figure, and that's really not very much.
    Whereas the Rs250 can readily be transplanted with a 100HP+ engine (double stock rwbhp), and seems like a much better choice for keeping up with the new-blood.

    An RS250 giving a solid thumping to a pretty decent assortment of road bikes:

    To be honest, I'm pretty convinced I'm going to take the trade, my only final concern is if I'll be screwed when I try to compete, I'm from Melbourne, so any ideas where I should start looking into whose ass I can kick would be muchly appreciated ;)

    Not sure if I would even consider getting an RS250 if I hadn't known this body kit existed..


    Who knew I could be so shallow?
  5. Are you aiming to be track day champion runner up or actually race it? Check categories first if you intend to race it, many one off bikes sit in garages bought with the best of intentions but category structure for their club means they wont ever be competitive and so they dont get ridden.
  6. Most clubs have moved to 4 stroke racers for their smaller classes, perhaps sell it and consider a ninja 300 they are still really competitive and have their own class of racing in a lot of clubs
  7. Yeah, I started looking into getting a racing licence, and joining a club, but I am massively confused. I had expected the average racer to be on a 4T, but won't clubs allow a 2T to compete?

    Where can I even find info on different race classes?
    Are they called leagues?

    I looked into broadford, and the company that handles their track days splits groups into "beginner, advanced, expert" based on your.. I don't even know!

    The only things I managed to find clear guidelines on was fuel and tyres.. :/
  8. Ha, you gotta try harder than that! Most clubs require a Motorcycling Australia (MA) licence to compete, and generally gets you $20 off most trackday providers from memory and 5% of a sealy posturepedic mattress.
    However MA membership requires you to have membership with a State Controlled Body (SC8), like Motorcycling QLD, or Victoria.
    Then you select clubs & permits or something that Motorcycling Victoria (MV) etc manages
    So click on the club directory and you find for MV there are 70 clubs to choose from. If you don’t like racing vintage bikes or dirt track, don’t join that club! You want a road racing club. You’ll find in your neck of the woods theres a popular club that uses the local track for road racing.
    Find a club here, http://www.motorcyclingvic.com.au/index.php?id=1701
    then check their website for categories of racing.
    No doubt they will allow 2Ts to race, but it may not be 1:1 capacity with you racing against 250 4Ts, you might be forced to race against clubman 600’s etc, in which case you could be up against early 2000’s 600’s with 10yrs of tech advantage in addition to an extra 40HP. I’m not saying that’s the case, but check first, your racing career could be capped from the outset if it is.
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  9. Yeah, I'm probably going to go through with the trade (assuming a big fat OK from the mechanic).

    So looking here (http://www.motorcyclingvic.com.au/index.php?id=1701)
    There doesn't seem to be many clubs involved with competitive modern day race bikes, at least compared to dirt bikes.

    Hartwell MCC, seems like a good club, but I cannot find anything about their race classes.. :/
    This is the only thing I could find on their site.
    PrestonMCC seems nice, but their website is from the 90's, so unsure about how they are.

    Would you recommend any club in particular?
  10. No mate, I'm in QLD. Maybe check in with Track days and racing forum.