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{Moved from General} Bike Browsing

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Petesul, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Cruising around yesterday! I called into a couple of dealers to browse both new and used stock. Saw some great BMW machines in Doncaster and sat on them as well as a Striple, Vfr800 and a couple more. Great to get a feel for weight and height. Ron showed me through the Beemer range, roaders and off roaders, 800s, 1200s. Could have walked away with a demo!

    Later cruised down to Dandenong and was greeted by a dedicated Harley man who sat me on a few of the HD brand. Recon I could have bought 3 bikes there and then! Even though it was closing time, and I don't think I am really a HD person (but who knows)....

    No matter what we generally think of sales people, these guys listened, and were doing their job to sell be a bike. As a rider, I need these people to be around to support the industry so I can buy and sell, have by bike serviced, and get bling.

    Are you looking? Stories to tell?
  2. It's common knowledge that if you want good service at a dealership it's best to go close to the end of the month. Everyone will be trying to meet their quota and fit as many sales in before month ends.

    My recent purchase was an easy one. There's only one MV dealer in SA so they were it. Got the same price offered elsewhere but they threw in a heap of in store vouchers for use on accessories/gear. I have everything I need already but considered a rear single sided swingarm paddock stand
  3. you sat on a Harley? you know what that means now don't you

    those new f3 800s are flying out the door at mototechnicks
  4. It's a good price for what you get. And the beauty of the machine is worth way more anyway
  5. Yeah, both feet can actually touch the ground!

    Haven't seen much about them here, I don't see many people owning them on the avatars. Better search for a thread. Are they good bikes?
  6. Remains to be tested. All reports are it's had all the fuelling and was problems fixed with latest ecu flash. I get mine on the 4th December. Having only done back to back tests of the f3 675 and the f3 800. The 800 is far better fuelled and all other problems sorted. Plus it's the most beautiful bike produced.
  7. Be careful...don't rear end anyone while looking in shop windows:oops:
  8. Not a chance. All business when I'm riding
  9. They look fantastic, they sound fantastic, possibly not the best bike on the average road but I'm sure they ride great on a smooth twisty road. I was very tempted by the 675 version, but repeated reviews saying poor fuelling caused riding difficulties on the road put me off. As RRdevil notes this seems to have been addressed on the new 800 version. Looking forward to hearing how his goes.