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{Moved from General} Best Shop for Gear in Melbourne Area

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ______JG, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Gents,

    Been reading the forums on what type of gear to buy etc. so I'm clued up now. just wondering where the best spots are in Melbourne.

    Can anyone recommend a retail/wholesale store preferable in south east Melbourne?

  2. Good products and expertise at Bike Mart in Ringwood.
    Good prices and a fair range at AMX several shops around Melb.
    Good prices and smaller range at Bikers Gear Australia in Ferntree Gully.
    Peter Stevens new giant shop in Ringwood might be good, but I haven't been to the new shop yet.
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  3. My opinion is to stay away from AMX in Keillor , worst costumer service I ever seen
    Never again will deal with them
  4. AMX in Lynbrook is where I go.
    Im going there on Saturday.
  5. I've had great customer service from them each time I have been in there. The staff spent a bunch of time helping me pick out my gear when I first started riding.
  6. MOTOHEAVEN in Brighton is my personal preference. Consistently the best customer service IMO.

  7. I have never had any problems out there either and they looked after my friend and I when we bought a heap of gear
  8. My experience is completely different ! Rude careless staff ( at least the ones we dealt with
    Even prices wasn't good when we made a comparison with other shops
    Never ever again !
  9. Hmmm.... I cannot say that it is the same at Lynbrook AMX.
    I went there just this morning, staff was very helpful and friendly. I didn't even purchase anything today and they had still been happy to help.
  10. Have been to AMX Keilor three or four times in the last month, dealt with the same couple of people, been very helpful in general. Maybe you just caught them on a bad day fullvision
  11. I've had mixed service at AMX keilor...
    Once totally ignored even when I asked for help & 2 other times couldn't stop them helping me lol