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{Moved from General} Before I pull the trigger

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ryanwalrus, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. I'm pretty sure I've made my decision and I'll be going for a new bike as the deal is pretty sweet...However, before I say yes I wondered what else I should or could squeeze out of the dealer?

    Its a 2014 Kawasaki Versys 650 LAMS for $9000 on road...RRP is $10,000 - $10,700, depending who you believe!

    Its already a pretty good deal and I'll be buying a helmet from him on top of that for a discounted price, so he's got that sale confirmed when I pick up the bike...I'll be getting luggage further down the line but don't want (i.e. can't/not allowed) to spend any more money...are there any tricks or other things I should think about before confirming with the dealer and getting him to order the bike?

    Tyres? Do you just have to take stock tyres or can I ask for something specific? Something more dual purpose than road tyres?
    I might like to get the footrests lowered (not sure yet) can I lock that in as an agreed option later if needed?
    Security? What do bikes come with as standard? Immobilisers etc etc?

    Any help before I pull the trigger on the new bike would be great...
  2. I'd check the year of manufacture, I'm betting its 2013.

    I'd also check this is in the right forum.
  3. Tell him you want the luggage included for the upper price
  4. He told me in writing (text) that it was 2014 model and he has to order it from Kawasaki
  5. OK RRdevil...sorry what do you mean 'the upper price'?
  6. You said on road was between 10000-10700
  7. You could ask for the first service to be done for free if they have a workshop.

    When I bought my bike new a lot of my friends were surprised the first service was not included. It was a cheap 125 anyways so didn't really care. Serviced it my self .
  8. Ah yes I see...thats just spending more cash, which I'm 'being encouraged' not to do!
  9. Tell the woman to ease off, the thumb pressure is giving you a headache
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  10. Ask for whatever you want, they will soon let you know when they can't play anymore. They will have a much bigger % mark up on accessories than the bike usually so that's the area you can usually negotiate.
    Just go and do it and come back and tell us how you enjoyed your first ride, with pics of course.
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  11. Enough thinking and reading...ordered the new Versys today, should get it sometime next week!
  12. Congratulations!
  13. Thanks mate...now I'm eyeing up a top box/panniers...

    A GPS would be good but might just go with a mounted iPhone for now.
  14. Up and at em, that's the ticket.