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{Moved from General} Australian Standard Stickers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Aloosh, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I am quite new to the bike scene and I have recently signed up to the Netrider forum.
    I have been doing a bit of search about the Australian Standard Sticker and I am not getting a straight answer...

    Am I required by NSW law to have the sticker on the back of the helmet if it already has it marked on the stitched on the inside of the helmet?

    It is clearly visible that the Helmet is a AS1698 Helmet when you look on the inside of the helmet.

    Only way to take this off, is if i was to rip the inner lining of the helmet.
    I am really confused, please help...
  2. No sticker = not legal.

    Hope that helps.
  3. yes no sticker = not legal and must be stitched on the inside too
  4. I differ in my view and believe that I have the experience and knowledge to be regarded as an expert in this field

    Section 8 of AS1698 ( labeling ) states that a label with certain words on it such as warning and no helmet can protect you in every incident of an accident plus materials the helmet is made from etc etc as well of date of manufacture must be sewn into the inside of the helmet and visible without having to remove any lining.

    No where in the standard does it say that there is a sticker required for the outside of the helmet.

    If state traffic laws say there must be a sticker that is a different story- however the only reference I can find in state traffic laws is one that states you must wear an AS1698 approved helmet.


    Motorcycle helmets
    Helmet law

    The NSW Road Rules 2008 requires that:

    The rider of a motorcycle must wear an approved motorcycle helmet securely fitted and fastened on the rider’s head,
    The rider of a motorcycle must not ride with a passenger unless the passenger is wearing an approved motorcycle helmet.

    Helmet standard

    An approved motorcycle helmet is a protective helmet for motorcycle riders of a type that:

    Complies with Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1698:2006 Protective Helmets For Vehicle Users, as amended by Amendment No. 1 of 28 September 2007 and Amendment No. 2 of 27 May 2009; or
    Is an earlier version of Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1698 or Australian Standard 1698-1988 that was in force at the time of manufacture or importation; and
    Has a mark certifying compliance with an above standard.

    Motorcycle helmets manufactured after 31 March 2011 must have an identifying mark from a body accredited or approved by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) certifying compliance with an above standard.

    There is no mention of a external sticker anywhere required on the helmet - just a "identifying mark" which is found on the label sewn into the helmet

    I don't have a sticker on the outside of my helmet at all - should I be fined for it etcIi am happy to go to court and fight it for in the eyes of federal legislation I as the importer of the helmets is seen as being the manufacturer in my legal status - thus as being deemed the manufacturer I must be viewed as an expert in field of helmets by the law as well, and as the AS1698 is a mandatory federal standard, as a federal law/regulation it overrules state laws should there be any ambiguity.
  5. I totally agree with you Takamii, Just because it doesn't have the sticker on the outside, it does not mean that it is not AS Approved.
    If there is such law, it is the most stupid law ever, I reckon they should then make people wear name tags.

    Reason I am asking this question is simply because of this:

    When my brother got his bike, I ended up getting some gear so I can ride with him, Now the helmet that I got had the approved sticker at the back, but I hate stickers anywere on my belongings therefore I took it off (un-aware of what the sticker is), I wore the Helmet few times, so its basically still new.
    When I went to get my license, at the riders course, they go to me I am not allowed to wear it, I was surprised and asked, does that mean I should chuck my $450 helmet in the bin? They replied Yes.
    From that answer onwards, I started doubting the law makers if there is such law for Helmet simply because it is stitched on the inside with big writing saying it is a AS approved helmet.
    I am not going to buy another Helmet and I will continue riding with my current one without the sticker, and if a cop decides to do his job uneducated, I will also take them to court.

    Thanks guys
  6. They are seriously incorrect - you only have to show inside the helmet the sewn in label to prove its AS1698 certified and those sewn in labels are a lot more work to "fake" than a sticker on the outside

    The reason behind it is that the sticker on the outside CAN deteriorate/fade ( consider that AGV graphics have a tendency to fade in UV light ) due to weather/exposure etc hence the internal one made of a printed cloth material and sewn in for permanency
  7. I do have an extra "peace" of information for who ever requires it (for people like me in the "future").

    I just called the RTA on 132213 and pressed option 3.
    The lady I spoke to was unsure of the answer therefore she put me on hold and spoke to her supervisor.
    Her supervisor answered that the Helmet does NOT require an OUTSIDE sticker and can have it on the inside stitching. It is just when a cop tells you that the helmet is not AS Approved, you take your helmet off and tell them, yes it is. Should end there.
    She also read out the rules on the RTA website stating that it does NOT say that it MUST have an OUTSIDE STICKER.

    BTW guys, this is in NSW, so I am unsure for other states.

  8. Just thinking aloud here...
    I seem to recall reading/hearing somewhere that you don't have to have the sticker on the outside, but if it WAS attached by the manufacturer it becomes an offence to remove it?
    Kinda like seatbelts in old cars...
  9. if its not on paper, it doesnt exist
    thats my theory :)
  10. I have zero requirement to put stickers on the outside

    i only do it because that is what people have become used to in Australia

    It was something done by SAI global when they were the sole certifying body - more a marketing gimmick then anything I believe

    Now it has just become an unofficial accepted norm but there is no legal requirement
  11. ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)
  12. Cheers mate, takamii didn't manage to highlight how incorrect I was.
  13. I just want to help and its my area of specialty I have no interest in criticizing
    I just like my fellow Aussie to be informed of their rightst
  14. Funny thing is that on my helmet I can still read the outside sticker, but with the inside one, it's part of the logo & not much else.
  15. Shoei with the tag inside the chin bar ?
  16. AGV with tag at the back of the head.
  17. Well I'm confused too, because I've been fined for not having label on the inside but I do have sticker on outside. No where in the rules can I see where it says you must have "2" labels/stickers. They've only just started with the labels on the inside so the old helmets only have the sticker on the outside, and like my Shoei it has sticker on chin which is practically not there anymore. I also bought a "Aldi" helmet as a spare for friends and it only has sticker on outside, the police said, just because you bought it from Aldi in Australia doesn't make it legal?? So, whos fault is that? mine or the government who should control the standards. I'm taking it to court. I cant find where it says that a helmet needs 2 labels. The new rules I know state it should say all the stanards, material, date etc but what about the old helmets?

    Justus: Please read --> this link <-- before posting another message in a thread. Cheers.
  18. It really is a difficult situation.

    I accept that an approved helmet does not need a sticker to make it so. Some degree of public education on the issue would be nice though - particularly those who are in positions of authority.

    Actually that gives me an evil thought....a good mate of mine is still in the job on the mainland. He rides bikes in Traffic. I'll ask him a "random question"......"If you grabbed someone for a roadside chat, and their helmet didn't have a sticker, what would you do". Will be interested in his reply.

    Doesn't change the outcome of this discussion one bit, and I am quite happy to accept all the evidence I've seen to date (not just in this thread) that stickers aren't mandatory for approval. But a little annecdotal feedback could be fun.
  19. I have to say that of all the times I've been pulled over the one thing the police have NEVER checked is my helmet.
  20. how do you know?
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