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{Moved from General} Anyone done the free first timers program a Phillip Island Track Days?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Caz no 2, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Trying to find info on website if you have to wear full leathers for that, but it doesn't say.

    Would like to go check it out but no point if you need leathers as I don't have leather pants.

  2. Pretty sure any motorcycle events at PI require either one peice leathers or two peice which zip together.
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  3. Yup what Cazzo said. Pretty much standard for track days.
  4. oh can I get a linky?
  5. Hey Caz ,
    It's not actually a freebee ... it's part of the paid track day event and is targeted at the first timers on the PI track ... I sat in on B's session last year as I was with him .. so the information didn't cost me anything .. I just wasn't doing the track day ..
    the weekend track days just gone didn't have the sessions :( as the coaches were busy elsewhere ... which was a bit disappointing as I was looking forward to it ...
    Was still a fantastic day :D
  6. My 2.2c:
    Leathers: Yes, as everyone else has said. Can't go on the track with out a zip together two piece or a onesie. These can be hired at the track. If you are prepared to forsake the brand names or go 2nd hand you can also get leathers for 400 or so.

    First timers program: As Kitt said, its not a free program as such - you still pay for the track day, but at the end of the riders briefing they ask if there are any first timers, and if so, they should hand around after the briefing. From memory they send you out ahead of the rest of the white group for a sighting lap, and the you can question the coach during the if you can find them. Its less about turning you into good riders, and more about trying to reduce the carnage in the first few sessions - definitely a good thing, but they have to be realistic about what they can achieve. On the weekend just gone there were about 20 or so of them.

    I'd actually suggest considering approaching it a little differently. A track day at the island is 270. Superbike School level 1 is 500. Neither are cheap options. If you did level 1, you'd get:
    - the same amount of track time
    - 1 coach between 3 riders in your group focusing on improving your riding and providing feedback after each ride - helping you stop the bad habits earlier. It also cuts down on the number of people doing stupid things.
    - Knowledge and drills to improve you riding, meaning your doing laps with a purpose and a plan, rather than hacking around trying to get faster.
    - Knowledge and skills you can take with you onto the road.
    - When you do a track day down the track, you'll know the suggested lines and so on, so you'll get far more out of it.
    - You get to hang out with your class mates too, and talk bikes

    No affiliation etc (except as a happy student), and after this weekend potential track day addict. We'll see how bad the withdrawal gets...
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  7. HAHAHAHA @ Onesie, Always makes me laugh