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{Moved from General} Advice for New Rider?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by matt., Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Just put down a deposit on a Suzuki Intruder 250.
    Whats some advice for first time rider and other general stuff I should know before getting out there?

  2. Tell em finance fell through and you want your deposit back. Then go and buy an SV650 instead.

    That is the only LAMS bike worth riding. Everything else is like fcuking a working girl in Liberia. Sure, you're getting your dick wet, but you will die a slow and horrible death from all the aids.
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  3. Welcome! Don't forget to post a photo of your bike! :D
  4. Book in for Learners License and watch the video.


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  5. please use the search function and read the stickies in the relevant sections to ensure a good start to the forums and riding.
  6. ... and make sure you tell us everything about the first time you fall off. I found it deeply cathartic. :D
  7. Don't wear a patch in Queensland.

    And get as much training as you can.

    And take it easy at first. It takes a while to get bike fit.
  8. I bought SV650S as my first LAMs bike and found it quite intimidating for a complete noob to ride. I kept it but bought a humble Honda CB125E to boost my confidence and learn the skills and road-craft. Now I can ride SV650S comfortably and it is a great machine. But from my experience I would think smaller bikes offer better learning experience especially when it comes to correct gear selection/shifting.

    You can always upgrade to a bigger bike at a later stage.
    Just my 2 Aussie pesos worth...
  9. Assume everybody on the road is fckin retarded and will do the unthinkable.
  10. L glove on first and ignore most of the 'advice' you will get.
  11. Pay attention to which glove you put on first and don't get involved with debates on ABS on this forum.