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{MOVED FROM GENERAL} 5 speed or 6 speed

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by msd90, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. hi guys i have a ttr 250 atm but looking at sports bikes the bikes i like so far are the gpx/ninja 250 (6 speed) and the daelim vjf250 (5 speed) will mostly be doin weekend riding so would also like to know how they go sitting at 100km+ thanks all

  2. Re: 5 speed or 6 speed

    ok well for a start all of those bikes you listed are shit, espc that daelim thing. China=shit and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

    they not even close to sports bikes. They are scooters with plastic race fairings glued onto the sides.

    the ONLY sports 250's are the 4cyl 40hp import bikes made in the 90's e.g. CBR250RR and the competing bikes also made by Kawa (ZX2R),Yammy (FZR250RR) and suzuki (GSXR250) . (also, GSF250V, and Hornet 250 are 40hp sports bikes, but they are naked)

    All of these bikes have 6 speed close ratio gearboxes, because they are sports bikes. The bikes you are currently looking at do not have these gearboxes because they are commuter bikes, NOT sports bikes in any way shape or form.

    I only do weekend riding, i do not commute on my bike, trust me you can have a lot of fun on a lams bike, if you buy the right bike.
  3. Re: 5 speed or 6 speed

    Welcome to the forums.

    You will find a wealth of resources in the bike questions/suggestions section and this fancy thing called the 'search' button.

    LAMS wise, any 5 speed bike probably ain't going to be too please sitting at 100+, i know my sachs 150 (5 speed) didn't like it so if you're thinking of that definitely go the jap route and just get a GPX, CBR250RR, GSX250F etc etc.

    Heaps of choice and they will all sit happily at 100+. You will also find that with a 5spd you'll always be looking for that extra ratio.
  4. Re: 5 speed or 6 speed

    if you're off lams go a 600 sports bike
  5. Re: 5 speed or 6 speed

    thanks for responses but im still on lams i took a gpx and a ninja out for a test ride and was comfy on both except at the start on the gpx i felt like i was above it and ninja was a bit harder seat but i dont know if that was cause its a newer bike
  6. Re: 5 speed or 6 speed

    Save your money and keep the TTR250 until your restrictions end. It comes around sooner than you think, and you'll get peanuts when you trade in a properly used 250, so you need to start saving now!

    For the record, a GPX/ZZR/Ninja 250 will happily sit at 100/110 kph for four hours straight until it runs out of fuel, but you'll get uncomfortable and need a smoke/coffee/beer in half the time.
  7. Re: 5 speed or 6 speed

    well i can get off restrictions now but choose not to cause if i do ill get bigger bike bigger speed bigger fines and no licence lol but i brought ttr to see if i wanted road or trail but deff road so yer
  8. Re: 5 speed or 6 speed

    gpx will happily do those speeds...love mine ..(altho its my first set of wheels so of course i would) ...but the old cbr's by everyone's word would be the best way to go if you wanted some more guts and to have it as a weekend warrior bike as oppossed to a commuter

    did a 900km round trip over two days on gpx...i hurt all over after the first 450kms spent half of it at 130 on country roads - enjoyed it immensely

    as you'd know altho it might look abit dicky you can get pads or cushions for seats if needed ...

    +1 - gpx (own a 98' model)
    +1 - cbr250rr (notoriously great bikes if you can find one in good nick)
  9. yer not lookin at cbr cause its too hard to find a good 1
  10. Thats the right attitude to have when making a purchase worth many thousands of dollars.

    If you buy a shit bike, never allow yourself to ride anything else until your off lams, that way you will never know what your missing out on.
  11. looks like pedo bear AND grumpy bear weighed in on this thread