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{Moved from General} 1995 zx9r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by RRdevil, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Just questioning if anyone has ridden an early model zx9 on track. They have upside down forks and decent shock but seem a little on the heavy side. Bike im looking at is a bargain and would still i think make for some fun track laps. Any opinions or ideas on the bike are appreciated

  2. My other option is a 96 trx850 twin with remus pipes heard they made good little track bikes much like the sv650 does
  3. I think CSS or someone used to use the ZX9's, so you can do it, but you can probably pick up a later model for the same/similar price.

    I'd stay away from the TRX as a track bike, I've taken mine to Broadford & PI, both great, but you get left for dead anytime the track straightens up. Still great fun, but my mechanical sympathy really feels it!

    Bangs out of corners quickly, (especially with +6 teeth on the rear) & brakes really well, especially with Blue/Gold spot caliper upgrade, really fun in the corners

    I'm looking at a GSXR750/1000 or similar for a track bike, something I'm not attached too.
  4. Cheers mv am looking at an 02 yamaha r6 on friday already race glassed and painted along with some other mods like full system comes with all stands etc. Might even consider some d group racing late this year or early next ;) plus the price is right. It was a cosmetic write off but has all been pro done. Guy has receipts and documents showing frame is straight etc. Wish me luck in my bargaining
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  5. Oh how I envy you people who have a track close by and a way of getting a track bike to and from there.

    R6 sounds like a good score. Good luck.
  6. So the r6 wasnt as 'complete' a package as it was explained to be. Got a hot tip on a cbr929rr to look at next week good price too but its going to be a full build myself. Oh well at least i know whats gone into it