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{Moved from General} 05-09 GSXR600?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Brendan H, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Hi guys im just wondering whats your thoughts on GSXR 600 in the 05 - 09 range as thats what bike im looking to own once i obtain my full licence. I havent looked into them that much or other bikes but ive always owned suzuki so figured it would be an ideal bike

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  2. Go and sit on / test ride a few and see if it feels right. Compare it to the other 600's of the same era.
    I have a 2011 GSXR 600.
    I made sure I went and sat on / test rode the other bikes like the R6 and 675r etc.
    at the end if the day the GSXR was all round a bette bike for me.
  3. What he said.
    But also it is better to test ride.
    I felt the most comfortable on cbr, but test riding a few bikes changed the priorities a lot. R6 was the most comfy for me as the tank wings were perfectly shaped for my knees.
    But I hated the R6's engine.
    GSXR was the best all around bike, bike in 2nd place and Daytona in 1st as an emotional winner (I haven't tried new zx 636 though).

    So test riding would probably be very important.
  4. Thanks for the pointers i have sat and rode a cbr 600 03 model i liked it but the gsxr has caught my eye also im not able to test ride just yet due to licence restrictions but im coming into some coin soon would love to get a bike and have the time to set up and fix up to suit me and my style so thats why i asked what the thoughts are thanks for the replys
  5. Did i miss something :facepalm: ?? you are welcome to give your thoughts the more the better lol
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  6. There is no need to upgrade the day you are off restrictions. Take your time and test ride as many as you can. Better to be sure than to end up with a bike that in 6 months time you regret buying.
  7. Very good advice ! I guess the other reason i wanted to get one so soon is so my old man can ride with me lol he had to sell his bike personal reasons and now carnt afford another one so was hoping to get the gixxer so he can ride with lol but im gunner wait to test ride them i think thats the advice ive gotten now may have just saved my self some money lol

    lol must of been shocking what you said about them lol tell me the bike you would recommend ?? and the problem with gixxers
  8. Yeah unless you can get a real bargain the 750 is a better proposition. The 600 is identical except the cyliners basically.

    But you generally pay for that.
  9. So if it is identical except for the cylinders what makes the 750 something to fizz your jeans over and the 600 a poor second cousin?
  10. Because generally to make the insane horsepower that modern 600s must make in order to impress readers of magazine reviews they need to sacrifice torque everywhere but the RPM stratosphere which is where you very rarely ride... From all the people I've spoke to who have ridden both the 750 has a much torquier engine and eliminates the very 'racy' feel of the engine
  11. Thanks @toadcat
    Still doesn't make the 600 a lesser option as some experts on here are trying to point out.
  12. I picked up a real cheap K7 gsxr600. I tested that and a cbr600rr. The gsxr felt a little more comfortable, I liked the look better and it was cheaper (and it was 4 years younger). Power wise, both felt like I was riding on a rocket, after coming off of a ninja 250.

    But agree that if you can save for a 750 I'd go for that
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  13. One of them has bitten the dust Mick, I wonder if smilee can give us the current odds on the resurrection this time ?
  14. I reckon the odds are good for a comeback based on history.
  15. 05-09 covers 3 generations(04-05,06-07,08-10). 05 should be dirt cheap by now, and half fcked probably, not too much difference between the last 2 gens listed.

    In terms of 06-10 gixxer 600, you sit in it, has fatter midrange, minor electrical issues and sh1t front brake mc (06-10)
    compared to say
    r6, you sit on it, makes nice power in the upper realms, not much midrange, would not like to have as a streetbike
    CBR dunno, prob some combination of the above
    675 dunno, still can't get over the wonky engine note
  16. The price with new Gixxers is pretty close between the 750 & 600
    When I was buying the difference was about $600-$700
    I just didn't want the 750
  17. Of course, it's all totally personal preference. There are a lot of riders who think 600s are better road bikes because they do everything a thou can do and there are others who want the arm wrenching torque a thou can provide at all RPM
  18. I know what you mean. I actually find the power from this to be more than I'll ever need, not even sure if I'd have any reason to go a 1k
  19. I had a 2007 R1 before the ZX6, I think that the ZX6 is better until at least 200.
  20. 06 636 v 2007 r1, really? Ive had both as roadies so I'd be interested in what aspect the 636 exceeded it. Apologies for mild threadjack.
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