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{moved from Enduro} YZ450F vs YZ250F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dumpedvs, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Hey guys cheers for looking this is my first thread here, and before you say use the search button I think everyone is different as in riding abilities/locations etc etc..

    Now I was wondering what bike to get next. Im playing up between a YZ250F and a YZ450F.

    To give you a little background im 19 and weigh about 65kgs. Ive been riding since I was about 8 and consider myself a pretty good rider. Coming off a CR250 I want to get back into four strokes.

    Ill mainly be riding in the bush land (Otways) and occasionally on the beach/dunes. Only recreational use.

    So any suggestions would be sweet,


    PS. Just realised I probably posted in the wrong section feel free to move it guys, sorry.
  2. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    If you're used to a CR250 i'd be getting a YZ450F, they have similar power a 250F would likely bore you. Saying that if you're not going to the track why do you need a MX bike, get a KTM 520 EXC or something.
  3. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    @ 65kgs I'd look into the 250F

    it will be a lot lighter to throw around

    Only pro's can utilise all those extra horses on the 450F, if the 250F can lift the front wheel with ease; what more power do you want?
  4. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    There's about 3kg difference in it, and the extra torque does make a difference.
  5. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    For those saying to get a 520 to throw around the ST in the otways... your kidding yourself!

    Look at what you will mainly do with the bike, the power delivery from a modern 250 is more suited to tight technical riding, but the 450 will be better suited to the open terrain like the sandy beach/ dunes.
    I'd also have a look at the Berg 390 or a new 350kato SX-F if you want a good all rounder that will do anything.
  6. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    450 4t will be a piece of cake to ride after a 250 2t. well always been that way in my case. i say keep the 2t by far the funnest to ride no matter were your riding
  7. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    Cheers for the suggestions guys, Im still in a debate with myself on which to get. Id love to ride both and see which one I prefer but thats not really applicable.

    I know the 250 will be better in the Otways and the 450 will be better in the dunes. But I dono, I guess the extra torque wouldn't hurt to have would it? :)
  8. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    a 250f will teach you to be a faster rider than a 450f. you can ride a gear higher in places with a 450 and still move reasonably quick.

    i find it fun to ride the shit out of a bike and a 250f is easier on my body.
  9. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    If you're not 100% set on a four stroke, have a look at the KTM300EXC. They've got torque like a tractor and can be wound out to a screaming beast. They also have the benefit of being somewhat like a 250 in tight stuff, which will be important in the Otways.

    Otherwise I'd agree with the others that you'll get more legs out of the 450f. If you could be swayed you could also consider the KTM or Husaberg 450s. More balanced power deliveries, good suspension for single line riding and less maintenance.
  10. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    have you had personal experience on the 300exc? compared to one of the big 3 2t's is it a dream to ride? always wanted one just never like ktm's service reliability
  11. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    Don't have a 300 but I've got a 250. Feels like it has a lot more low end than my DRZ400. Pretty violent top end though but I heard that after 2003 they toned them down.
  12. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    I've had experience with numerous 300's, but not actually owned one. My brother had an '04, he now has an '09. Another friend has an '02. Other mates in my riding group have '08, '10 and '11.

    For servicing, KTM are amazingly reliable for the performance you get. I pulled down my brother's in '07 because it was starting to feel a little tired, I ended up putting the piston back in because it measured up well and didnt have much wear. New rings freshened it up nicely. He did the '05 Vic pony express season on that as well, but little riding in '06. My friend with the '02 has only done a couple of top end refreshes. I have an '05 250 that I've only rebuilt once (it hasnt had a great deal of riding in the last two years though). Other than that servicing is pretty standard. Wheel bearings, brake pads, sprocket countershaft seals and shock bolts are the only other things that cop a pounding and need a refresh, but that is pretty standard. And normal servicing of course.

    Whiteyy, the older bikes had a different power curve. They havent actually toned down the bikes, just given the power a better spread. You can easily adjust the power delivery by altering the powervalve spring. The current models are so smooth it is really deceptive. I prefer a bit of a midrange hit in the power curve, so riding any of them from '09 on is tricky for me at first when it comes to log crossings, etc.
  13. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    bit off topic but:

    i only have experience on 250 fours, and like the light weight (lighter than bigger fourstrokes) but like anyone i would like more power.

    However i am not convinced that four strokes are better, if a two stroke is LIGHTER and more POWERFUL at the same time, how is a four stroke better??

    i think i would like to maintain a light weight bike, rather than go heavier. A two stroke seems to be the solution. KTM and Gasgas make 300's and guess the **** what? in the US Maico make two stroke bikes up to a 700!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    101kgs with 80hp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! imagine trying to ride the thing

  14. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    power delivery is a lot smoother on a 4t.
    having said that havnt ridden a 2t 250 later then 07. some people find 2ts hard to ride fast because you have to keep it in the power.
    what type of riding do you do? trails? track? open paddock?
  15. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    It would be a question for ALL bikes and riding, regarding the motorcycle industry phasing out 2 stroke (2t 250 gp bikes were only slower than world superbikes and moto GP! but now no two stroke :-(

    i ride trails on a klx 250. yes stop laughing now, the bike goes okay and is faster than i will ride it offroad (roos). gets along 110 kph+ on gravel easy. lifts the front on sand etc.

    the 2t would be my next bike, as a big step up to a road/race bike, i have been dreaming of an RS500GP. 120kgs 112hp in an RS 250 frame!!!!!! power like one of those 250 gp bikes =>

    rather have a bike better than me, rather than me better than the bike

    anyway, don't want to hijack this dudes thread any longer! (make a new thread??)
  16. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    I know this thread is old but what did you end up going with?

    A yz450f is a machine. I mean the power is not something for the light hearted, a 250f you can ride to the cows come home but would suck on open trails compared to a 450.

    Two strokes are being phased out for what ever reason, the thing is they are, don't know why but they are, most of the big 4 have stopped them, only the euro's make em.

    A KTM 300 EXC is an excellent bike you can pick on up in sydney for $6.5k-$8k second hand. A two stroke is not bad choice but there must be some reason they stopped making them if they were "better, lights, cheaper and faster"?
  17. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    christrails, the Japanese manufacturers stopped making them because of pollution laws in some of the big markets. The euro manufacturers have been working a bit harder to make 2ts burn cleaner and modern oils use much less oil to lubricate the cylinder. Unfortunately as the laws continue to get tighter we will probably see 2t go the way of the dodo.

    truck1n, the power delivery on a 4t is not actually smoother and a modern 2t engine can have an extremely linear power curve, as smooth as a 4t. The time when you notice that a 2t is smoother at low revs is at the bottom of a slippery hill. On a 4t you have a combustion stroke every 4th stroke, which means the drive to the rear wheel is not as frequent and as smooth as the 2t. There is also greater torque during each of those drive pulses, which leads to the wheel being more likely to break traction on the 4t. You can set up a 2t to have peak power delivery at different points in the power curve, or you can smooth it out with power valves and engine mapping. It is a very versatile engine.
  18. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    Modern 2t's are good do't get me wrong but I'm happy with my wr450f :) I would love a ktm 300exc though :) that's a shame that the laws are being as strict :(
  19. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    If your just playing on it..get the 450. Otherwise you will always regret it. And spend a heap on mods on the 250.

    If you going to race then get the 250. Your gunna need to put on at least fifteen kilo's for the open class.
  20. Re: YZ450F vs YZ250F

    Get a 450, 250F are zippy but gutless. Im 100kg and my WR450F carrys me around fine and still scares me from time to time but my weight keeps it tame. 65kg may be a different story unless you a good rider. Try test ride a 450!