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{Moved from Cruisers} Hyosung GV650 Classic v Yamaha XVS650?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by NeilChristian3, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    i searched the archives and found threads on both but nothing comparing the two bikes together. So what are people's opinions on which is a better bike?

    i am a learner going for my L's on Monday. The hyosung is cheaper by about $2000 but on the Yamaha i can get 3% interest and no hidden fees through Yamaha Finance!

    So i am just trying to decide between the two. I also checked out the VT400, Aquila 250 and the Enfields but i am just drawn to these two bikes and i like the look of the Hyosung more.

    but anyway over to you guys to educate me :)

    please don't ridicule or mock, im a noob in these things.
  2. You've just answered your question.

    Honestly, don't go into finance.
    You'll drop and crash the bike.
    The finance will also increase insurance cost a bit. Just don't do that.

    You would be better off with a few years old bike instead.
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  3. Will you need to finance to get the Hyo?
  4. Yamaha all the way, super reliable and imo better resale, but comes down to $
  5. brand new bike on finance to learn on =Fail.
    you may cry when you drop it
  6. Start by forgetting about "dropping it" because you're better off planning not to and despite what a lot of people say, there's no guarantee that you will. I got my Ls and my XVS650 in September but after 3000km I haven't even come close. Just work hard on improving your skills and trying hard not to drop it, because there's really no reason to.

    That said, I'd probably recommend a used bike for your first bike, if only because you pay a significant premium for the privilege of getting a bike nobody's owned before, and you really don't get much value for money from that premium. The minute you ride out of the showroon, you lose a good 15% of the value for nothing. Oh, and there's a "break-in period" for the engine during which you're not supposed to use the bike to its full potential. For the Yamaha, that's the first 1600km, during which you're supposed to avoid "prolonged operation above 1/3-1/2 throttle". Right now you might not think that's a big deal, but you'll get pretty tired of that pretty fast.

    If you go with a used bike, on the other hand, that break-in period is done, the "premium" is already paid and, if you look after it, you can probably resell it when your restrictions are up for close to what you paid and upgrade to something bigger.

    Now, Yamaha vs Hyosung. I went through this when I started researching my first bike and came to the conclusion based on a ton of reviews and opinions that the Yamaha was just a much better build quality and likely to give me a better experience in the long term. I also felt that the Hyosungs just felt... shabby, as if everything was slightly cheap and fitted together a bit "NQR".

    Check around, too, and you'll come across a lot of stories about people who've had Hyosungs that have spent a LOT of time going back for repairs. Sure, they're under warranty, but who cares? I'd rather not have a warranty that I don't need, than have a warranty that I keep having to use.

    Hope this helps.
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  7. Hi all, wow thanks for the responses!

    Yamaha provide insurance as well and i got a quote for $600 comprehensive. at RACV it was $870. Excess was standard from both companies so its cheaper to go with the yamaha insurance.

    that is what i was thinking but when the lady told me no hidden fees, what i pay is what it is, no early exit fees and 3% interest...that is ridiculous!

    im trying to borrow from my parents for that as the hyo is a bit cheaper...the problem is a "cash flow" issue, not a "cash" issue, if you get what i mean.

    so far from browsing all the old threads and responses here, it seems that Yamaha is just a better build quality and reliable than the hyosung. hmm, ya'll have given me lots to think about this week!

    thank you all for taking the time to respond and keep them coming!
  8. The Hyosung is larger and more comfortable for a taller rider. It is also more powerful. The later fuel injected models are apparently less troublesome than the old carburetted models.
  9. RACV for bike sounds strange. I hope you did shop around. QBE, InsureMyRide, Swan?

    If you are borrowing money from your parents and not sure if you can pay thr finance off, then there is no way I'll tell you to buy a bike on finance.
    You will regret this and hate riding. Not something you want to do I suppose.

    Hyo isn't the top quality, but get real:
    - you WILL drop it, guaranteed (of not I'll buy you beer)
    - you will outgrow it and will want another bike (same guarantee)
    - you have no clue now what bike you want because you haven't ridden one and just don't understand what you need, want (is it too small or too big, how does it handle, how it feeld etc)
    - you know that you like Hyo

    There are many more points. But just because of a few above I think you will be better of with a used bike that you like (be it Hyo or otherwise).

    Buy cheaper one that you like now and save money for your next ride.
  10. finance deal sounds good but i bet if i rock into same
    dealer i could buy the same bike $1000 cheaper
    with cash
    add that to your finance
  11. Well lol, for peace of mind.
    Walk away from the hyo. It may not give you trouble, but probably will. The Yamaha won't. At all.
    As far dropping it. Maybe you will, maybe you won't.
    These people who say you WILL drop it are either too stupid to keep it upright or plain unlucky. But just because they did, does not mean you will do the same.
    Go the XVS
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  12. i ll take the too stupid , sorry
  13. how much is the yam , new from mem 11000
    5-6 year old low k s $6000-7000
    yam throw in some bonus gear on new.
    i know 1 k less than retail on new is drop
    of the hat without even trying on new.
    probbaly go a lot less if be a prick about it.
    wish my yam was quicker but i guess every lam rider is the same
  14. A few thoughts for you.

    If cash flow is an issue, do you already have gear? You need to make sure you have enough for at minimum a helmet and gloves, and a jacket is a really good idea too.

    As you are looking at cruisers I would suggest your chances of throwing your bike at the ground unnecessarily is lower than for the wannabe racer set.

    I assume that you are young, and therefore may not be aware of all of the cost issues of buying a bike. To maintain it's value, a new bike needs to be serviced regularly, which can be an unexpected expense.

    I would go second hand for now, and when you have ridden for a while, make a decision about a new larger bike.
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  15. middo makes sense , especially about the wannabe s lol.

    here is what i did , bought the 650 , love ir but bought an 1100 , i
    cant ride the 1100 until june but its a way way better bike ,
    the 1100 cruises of from lights no wrist twisting etc and basically idles alobg sweet as.

    so throwing lots of money at a lams bike is nnot smart , because it basically will not be a keeper. ..
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  16. Exactly
    I bought my XVS 650 brand new, got bored long before restrictions were up and lost a lot of cash on resale
    I recommend the XVS but only buy new if you got cash to throw around IMO :)
  17. If I had to start from scratch again today under the current laws, I'd buy a very cheap (think less than $4000) 450-650 dirt bike for my first bike. Put some road orientated rubber on it and start learning.

    Then once I'd been on my P's for a while start looking for bike number 2.
  18. wow! thanks guys for all your answers. Its really helping.

    Especially the part about getting a smaller bike as most of you are suggesting will be redundant after Lams restriction is making much sense.

    However i am just not attracted to the sports bikes. I am also a large-ish dude (95kg, just under 6 ft) so i would look like, as i read on one thread, an elephant humping a beach ball! lol

    Biking is more a passion thing and i have always admired the cruisers as i am also a cruiser sort of a driver, not a hooner but enjoy the ride type of dude. I have also travelled extensively and recently went on a solo road trip through france & my dream is to do the trip again but with a bike!

    anyway ya'll have definitely given me a bit more to think about. I was wanting to decide on something very soon so i can start riding as soon as i get my L's.

    as for gear, i have budgeted for $1000. Peter Stevens i found very expensive but found a cheap place near where i work called AMX in lynbrook. They were able to kit me out for about $850, good bike boots, leather jacket with armour in back, elbows and shoulders, leather pants and helmet.

    wish there was a thank button so i thank each of you! im going to keep ya'll updated on my progress!
  19. I came here to say 2 things.

    Thing 1) I like my XVS650 but I haven't ridden anything else so can't compare. I bought 2nd hand to learn on but it only had 1000km on it so it was practically brand new, 2 years old and $4,000 less than retail.

    Thing 2) Leather pants.. ew.
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