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{Moved from Bling} Repair or Sell? Black 1999 TL1000R

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by carboy, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I bought a black '99 TLR (under 20,000 k's) and *adore* it.
    (it has carbon yoshi pipes and sets off car alarms)

    I'm not mechanical at all, so didn't pick up that clutch was weak (not fully disengaging) and I was crunching first gear.

    Now first gear needs replacing and I've been quoted 20 hours labour.

    Should I pay (retail) $3,000 to have the gearbox repaired on the bike I love, or is this better in the hands of someone who can do the labour themselves?

    Should I cut my losses and sell it (honest about repair needed)?

    Both ways are gonna put a hole in my pocket. Which is the lesser of two evils?

    What are your experiences selling a damaged bike?

    What's a TLR (minus first gear) worth?

    Would be happy to just end up on a used GSXR or R1, I just don't have any spare cash to spend.
  2. It would be bloody hard to sell for any decent money in that condition. See what sort of offers you get before you make a call, if you can stand waiting.

    I don't know if it's a cassette style gearbox, but if it is, there's all sorts of bikes out there that share parts with the TLR motor, so you should be able to find lots of parts at wreckers. You might be able to fit a gearbox from a V-Strom or SV1000 to lower the overall gearing to be punchier for street use, I dunno.

    Tough situation to be in, first gear is kinda handy.
  3. I reckon you will get sfa for it, in it's current state.....but yeah maybe try listing it, and see what sort of money it's gonna be worth.....though i reckon you will lose less by fixing :(
  4. get a few different quotes and fix it. they are a lovely bike, and you obviously like it.
    I say fix, not sell.
  5. Edit: Joel bet me to it.
  6. I reckon he should get a second quote, what do you reckon, port?
  7. do your research then start hunting on eBay motors america. Be prepared to be patient but you will be amazed at what turns up over there. Those buggers don't know how good they've got it.
    And you have no choice but to repair it. The world needs more TL's
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  9. The TLR is a sweet ride heart transplant is got to be an alternative to consider
  10. Clutch repairs are overrated.

    Fix it yerrself mate. Peice of piss. Otherwise i might buy it off you.
  11. From the mechanics here, is it OK to just repair the gear selection that's bust or do you have to change all of them at the same time?

    If time is not an issue, I'd say it's worth a go of repairing it yourself.
  12. THANKS

    Thanks heaps to everyone who responded.

    I really appreciate your advice and sentiments.

    I can now rest a little easier knowing i'm not making a stupid emotional decision to keep (and spend more $ on) the bike.
  13. Doing the right thing! :)
  14. Get another engine from wreckers...
  15. Cheap solution:
    Just put a one tooth smaller contershaft sprocket on it and start off in 2nd gear. If you're not drag racing it'll work fine (just don't stop on a steep hill with a pillion!) Seriously, you could ride it like that for a loooong time.
  16. Do yrself a favour - pop over to Victorian M/cycle Wreckers on Mologa St, Heidelberg West. Heaps of parts there. Call first, may save you time - 9457 1733. I just got back from buying a used part for my bike - 20% of what it wd cost me brand new!
  17. pics please :wink:
  18. Nice flippant throwaway line there mate. $hithouse advise.

    He said that 1 st gear was gone, not just the clutch. Last time I looked that up in a manual it's not just a piece of piss, but rather a split the crankcases, open heart surgery type of job. Yes you can do this yourself, but there would be a big toss up whether to just buy a second hand replacement donk from a wrecker instead.
  19. VtrElmarco, maybe his name says it all.
  20. LOL.

    Doing it yourself would be a learning experience no doubt about it. But personaly something that requires this much work i would get a pro or a friend that is a pro to do it for me and help them out if i can. That way you wont make a mistake and learn at the same time the internals of ya bike.

    But i would repair for sure. You will feel better for it and once done enjoy your hard work and cash and go for a nice cruise :)