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{Moved from Birthdays} How much do new leather jackets stretch?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Lovewhiteboats, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Hello all,
    did a search of the forums about Alpinestars jacket sizing as I am looking to purchase a leather jacket online (most likely GPR perforated as I am in the tropics). I have read their sizing charts until I am cross-eyed, looked at Revzilla fitting videos and tried a few jackets on when I was in Sydney. Responses to the forums are about even between saying the A* sizing charts are spot on and the other 50% saying they are on the small size. I am 6' tall, 75kg slim with 34" waist but 43" chest & quite big shoulders from lots of gym. The size 54 felt like it was choking me - really tight across shoulders, 56 not too bad but according to their charts I should probably be a 52, and at the max a 54. The jackets seem small to me for their labelled size. I guess whatever fits my shoulders might be like a spinnaker across my stomach.

    The big question is how much do they loosed up as they get body heat through them and stitching stretches etc?
    Appreciate any feedback.

    cheers, Mike
  2. leather stretches over time buy it a little tight after a few rides it will loosen up oh and a cucumber down the pants will get you more chicks
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  3. Don't think it actually 'stretches', more like adheres to your body shape & 'gives' where your body gives.

    I mean, if you buy a jacket & the sleeves are too short, well, they're not gonna become the right length. Don't worry if it's too 'snug' at first as it well mould to your own body shape & movement.
  4. Depends on the quality of the leather as to how much it will 'give' ...
  5. I might also guess that if you're a new rider you might try and wear this jacket year round? In this case it will stretch more as you pack jumper after jumper underneath trying to turn it into a "winter jacket" which I did for my first few winters. Also in this case don't get perforated!
  6. Good leather should not stretch much at all, the stuff that Hornet buys could do all sorts of weird things :)
  7. Good thermals is all you need IMHO
  8. Good thermals. Man you have way more cash than me. If I can't wear it to the pub, and it costs $200 from Kathmandu and is essentially just a shirt, I have no need.
  9. Thanks to all for your thoughts The "winters" here in Townsville are really mild - there may be 4 or 5 days under 10 but by 10am it is about 25...so I dont think I will need to pack the thermals. Do you get really strong airflow though the perf jackets?
  10. Awesome airflow through my Alpine* Tech 1R. Lots of perf :)
  11. Just purchased a custom fit perforated kangaroo leather jacket with custom embroidery landed on my doorstep via DHL from the USA for $600 almost 40c and high humidity here in Darwin riding during the day. Best jacket I've owned in 25 years on the road. Light weight and cool, "reasonably" waterproof. Two friends with more experience than me have ordered jackets on first inspection of mine. Why go off the shelf at that price.

    Happy to pass on details via a PM.
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