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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by oztom, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Took a ride down the eastern motorway yesterday, it was a bad day for the cagers as all the worse of the worse was on the road.

    I had a 4x4 come into my lane where i had to dive for cover.

    I also saw 2 other bikes have the same thing happen to them.

    But i was suprised to see the bikes stand their ground, to the point of the car coming in contact with one of the bikes, lucky the guy stayed upright.

    Sure the cager is in the wrong, but you have 2 ton of metal about to run over your head so get the hell out of the way and then give them a earfull when it is safe to do so.

  2. It must have been the day for it. Was thinking the same thing here in Sydney.

    There was a particular five ~ minute period at lunch time that I must have seen a near miss every 30 seconds.

    I saw a woman who was brushing her hair whilst driving at 80kph. She was obviously steering with her legs because she was using both hands, and using her vanity mirror, I mean Rear View Mirror.
    She wasn't the only one that was all over the shop.
    There's something disturbing about seeing two cars drifting towards each other similtaneously.

    That was my cue to get off the highway.
  3. And all the Gov do is point at Speed!!! ????

  4. Definitely the day for it. I had someone do the same thing to me on Victoria Parade this morning. A greasy looking bloke in a mazda 3. I pulled up alongside him at the lights and pointed out politely that the little flashy things on the corners of his car were not just decorative.

    He just kept looking straight ahead and wound his window up so I carefully folded his mirror in since he wasn't using it and filtered right past. I got a thumbs up from the truck in the next lane too... :)
  5. Remember to watch out at red lights too - Both if you are stopping for one or taking off at a newly changed green.

    Yesterday evening I saw 5 cars in a row go through a red light. And I don't mean one that was dark orange - It had turned red well and truly before any of the 5 cars reached the intersection. I reckon they were all blindly following the first one. The light would have been red for at least 5 seconds when number 5 went through it. Luckily there were no pedestrians crossing on the walk signal and the two cars who had the green were savvy enough to observe the dopey red light runners so they didn't move into the intersection till it was clear.

    Fun Ha!
  6. That's actually one to be aware of when filtering (and I'm saying this as much for my own sake as anyone else's): when you get to the front and the lights go green just as you get there and you want to get clear of the traffic you're filtering between don't just accelerate into the intersection, 'cos red light runners will clean you up. Worth having to drop behind one row of cars if that's what it takes to have a decent look before moving into the intersection.
  7. +1

    Always worth a head check before you scoot off at the green - it definitely saved my life on one occasion.
  8. I saw a bloke, on a black ZZR I think, get cleaned up by a cage that ran the red at the junction of High st and Punt road in Melbs. He ended up on the roof of the car and the stupid biatch driving tried to make a run for it with him still on the top. 8-[
  9. I remember this time... [cue fuzzy-at-the-edges memory scene]

    Semitrailer loaded with new cars is coming down a long sloping hill in the right-hand lane, obviously not coping well with the gradient as it's gathering speed despite compression braking. I notice this in my rear view mirror and am well out of its way, sitting in the lefthand lane to let it go by.

    Cue a gold Volvo S70 (or some damn smart, modern-looking thing) that I just overtook while in the lefthand lane. Its sitting in the path of about 25 tons of high-speed terror, and not doing a thing! I realise that they intend to sit in front of this... nightmarish thing - do they have a deathwish or what?! The truck, by this time, is flashing its lights, honking, and compression braking like nothing else. The air brakes are being rapidly deployed, too, with great 'WHUFF!'-s coming out of it every few seconds. Bloody scary thing to behold.

    Closer and closer it gets, until the truck is sitting literally about a foot or two off the Volvo's rear end. I couldn't believe it - firstly that the truck has managed to slow itself down with such a heavy load, and secondly that the idiot in the Volvo hadn't moved out of the way!

    Their response? Once a response to negate any danger was taken out of their hands, they put their hazard lights on and drifted into the breakdown lane. I overtook this whole shenanigan in the left-hand breakdown lane, wanting to be as far away as possible. I felt like going alongside the Volvo, breaking the window with my fist and then throttling the d!ckhe@d driving it until he had expired, so they could no longer cause such terrible circumstances through their woefully inept driving.

    Hope you, er, enjoyed - boingk
  10. "Fellow gentlemen of industry.

    With a new century about to begin, after this glorious age of steam, I propose we create large self-motion metal blocks with seats, to be steered at speed in populated places. And then let us make it every man and woman's right to drive this thing...regardless of competency!"

    "Ho ho!"

    "I say, smashing!"

    "Three cheers for progress!"
  11. wasnt such a bad day for me in sydney yesterday...must've missed it :)

    enjoyed a lovely impromptu "group" ride with 5 other random motorcyclists (me, a 125rr, a cbf250?, a bmw 1300 something, and a black something 400?) along Epping Road with narry a car in sight!! (compared to normal gridlock) felt sorry for the guy on the 400 though with his slim female friend on the back staring, pointing, and making excited gestures at all the bikes around them. He was giving us all death stares rofl
  12. It wasn't just motorcycles the idiots were doing it to yesterday.

    I was driving my 3+ tonne 4WD in the right lane on a two lane road. A small car just ahead of me in the left lane got one flash of her blinkers off before nipping on front of me. Okay, a bit cheeky and rash, but no harm done. Then the guy who had been behind her tries to nip across into my lane as well, despite being right next to me!

    I braked so hard I chirped the tyres (on an ABS vehicle) as I veered to the right of my lane. The chirping woke up the driver and he twitched back into his lane. Then I let him go ahead of me and change lanes, and he waved his thanks. Sleepy idiot.

    If they can't see a large 4WD right next to them, then they just aren't going to see us motorcyclists. Stay aware and stay safe.
  13. Had this happen to me the other day, I was driving a bus in a right turn lane, Camry driver to my left decides she wants to turn right too, front right of Camry impacts left front wheel of bus!! How did she not see a bus right next to her? Dunno, but she must have been a bit embarassed as she sped off trying to pretend it didn't happen. Still have her blue paint on the wheel nuts.
  14. Okay, that one wins!
  15. Most people just don't understand what is at play there, and think that they have a right to stay in the lane, no matter what, because of the road rules.

    Newtonian physics override the Road Rules. :)
  16. Wow. Just wow. That is hilarious. Not something i'd do... But still.

    rant time:

    I saw a good one today. P-plater in a Jazz or somesuch butter box. Sitting at the lights waiting to turn right across 5 lanes of traffic.

    Oh goody :D

    I do these lights once a day and never have a problem, the trick is patience. You always get a massive break in the traffic that you can drive a car carrier through if you wait.

    There are two sets of lights over the top of an overpass. The lights are about 30m apart. Both sides of the road have right turn lanes.

    The other turn right sometimes fills up with cars and runs over the intersection. So the lane on the other side of the road is full and there is a car waiting right in our line of sight waiting to cross the intersection. But the actual intersection is free. P-plater moves up and across the turn lane on the other side of the road attempting to negotiate the remaining 4 lanes...

    I'm on my bike and have enough of a view over the cars to see that there is traffic coming. I'm on my bike shaking my head getting ready to see some serious carnage. 60k an hour t-bone and I don't even like steak...

    So the p-plate tries once. BRAKES! Yep, car coming. Tries again. BRAKES! yep, car coming. Once more for good luck..... BRAKES! Another car. Then finally, as predictable as the sun, the massive break in the traffic I was talking about.

    Luckily it was all good. But seriously said p-plater almost caused three serious crashes by being impatient... AND their impatience got them nowhere!

  17. I love it! Not that I recommend interfering with other vehicles - but given it wasn't damaging anything - that is great :)
  18. They are called confirminators
  19. Alright, i've gotta ask....

    Why are they called confirminators?
  20. because they put them on after they have moved across into the lane to confirm they have done so