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mounting things

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lobsta, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. rather nooby question here. was at uni today and i needed to mount quite a large square kurb to park. also, as there was quite a good looking female watching me from her car, i could not screw it up. so i got the front wheel up by putting weight on the back and lifting the front with my arms a little, used my magnificent clutch and throttle control and that was all good. when it came to the back, i was (and still am) unsure as to whether i should put weight on it to get traction or to take weight off it to make it easier to get up. I went with weight off it and it spun against the curb for a sec before going up and saving my rep as a bad ass bikie dude.

    then i mounted her on the hood of her car... i kept weight off my back wheel then also... :LOL: :LOL:

    so, the question is... when getting your rear wheel up a square kurb, do you put weight on it or take it off?

  2. Glad you mounted her too!

    I never go up them if i can avoid it (even if this means riding 1/2 a block on the footpath if its not busy)

    If i have to, put enough weight on the back to get traction, but not so much as it weighs it down. Its sort of... a happy medium :)
  3. If you were standing on the pegs like a proper curb mounter you wouldn't need to ask the question.
  4. I think his mounting skills are limited to car hoods :LOL:
  5. I went to a happy medium once; she was very jolly, but she didn't tell me anything I didn't already know :LOL:.
  6. i thought this would be about ventura racks.. do you have any pics of this said mount.. is she also of the sea... did you click shells and all that. fish p0rn is always good.
  7. The goal is to maintain forward momentum and roll over the kerb rather than stopping with the rear against it and then "driving" up the kerb - in this case you want to unweight the back as much as possible so the wheel is free to simply "roll up" the kerb on its own.

    Pretty easy on a 10kg mountainbike with ginormous 26" wheels... But I imagine when there's roughly 75-100kg on each end of a motorcycle PLUS the rider's weight, it's a little trickier. :p
  8. hey spots, i would have thought it would be alot better for the rims to actually but against the kerb, then apply throttle, thus you are not impacting something, just changing you slope dramatically for a split second :LOL:

    i generally try and avoid square curbs, but otherwise i approach, then applying weight to the back to gain traction and lift the front, throttle the front wheel up. roll forwards, slow down once reaching the rear wheel, make contact, then with weight off the bike, throttle up.

    who knows, i just do it :grin:
  9. bunny hop!
  10. I admit I'm thinking in MTB terms, where it's quite easy to unweight the rear tyre of the bike and let your momentum carry you all the way over an obstacle, without even pedalling - though in motorcycle trials riding you'll see similar use of bodyenglish and similar results.

    Just to clarify, I'm only thinking 5-6kph anyway, not crashing into the kerb at 30. :) The procedure would be exactly like you described, except rather than stopping as the rear tyre touches the kerb, you'd try to keep rolling as you unweight.

    But if stopping-first works without introducing wheelspin, that's fine. :)

    Paging dirtbike riders, dirtbike riders to the thread please. ;)
  11. Damn! I was hoping from the title that this thread would be about something else.

    Spots said:
    Don't be so conservative Spots. You'll mount it much easier if you take a decent run up. :LOL:
  12. :LOL:

    I thought you might say that. :LOL: :grin:
  13. Spots said:

    Couldn't resist.

    Although I did resist asking hornet600, whether after he was finished with her, was his medium well done.
  14. After you were done mounting, was the girl impressed and did you get her number?
  15. I reckon this thread will be locked soon.
  16. crikey mate, you got up the gutter right? doesn't that answer your own question....... get a bit of confidence already....
  17. An Ounce of Momentum is equal to a ton of traction.
    Roll the rear wheel in with just a little momentum and it will just roll up nicely.
    And as for the other... distribute your weight so you don't dent teh bonnet.
  18. Fixed. :LOL: :LOL:
  19. The correct course of action would have been to pop a wheelie and roll over the kerb, then drop the front and do a stoppie to bring the rear over the line. Finish with a rear brake slide to get parallel to the kurb.

    For bonus points lean onto the sidestand, raise your legs and rest them crossed on the handle bars, pop off your helmet and light a cigarette. All subsequent mounting will take care of itself.
  20. sorry mate i have no advice for you... ive never had any problems mounting anything!

    supermoto ;)