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Mounting GPS on bike

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Grofaz, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. OK. I bought myself a Nokia 6110. Great phone, but charge dies quickly when using GPS.

    So I figure my bikes got as battery, so problem solved eh!

    Having never done anything like this, I just wanted to check here what my fellow Netrider's thought. Shall I just buy a car charger and get an auto elec to hook up a 12v socket? Or is there a more elegant way I'm missing?

    Any advice appreciated :)

  2. a 12v socket on a GPX is actually really easy, and I actually had a guide to it from I think ninja250.org, but I can't seem to find it :|
    I have actually thought about putting one on the left or right of the fairing, below the handle bars, but lack motivation.

    Theres two ways of going about it;
    - Direct onto battery with a basic inline fuse,
    - Or on a relay circuit to take the load with the switching circuit being something only on with the ignition on.
    The easiest way is to do it directly, but I would personally cut into the headlight loom and switch it with a relay as to not draw current when turning the bike over.

    I'll keep searching for that guide, but I fear it lost on the internet :(
  3. Some good info here etelmo, thanks for posting :)
  4. How are you attaching it to the bars? I looked at the krussell cases and mounts and they look pretty good but there doesn't seem to be an Oz distributor.
  5. I thought that was just for attaching the engine to the frame.
  6. Using an old tank bag I had lying around at the moment. Looking for a more permanent solution though :)