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Mounting fog lights

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Liq, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Now this isn't a "major" modification.

    Already on my VTR 250, I find the single headlight beam a leeetle pissweak/narrow, and whilst I could retrofit a higher wattage light etc, I have these puppies lying around from ages ago.


    Now, they are projector lense driving lights, H3 bulb, using standard halogens but happily take anything you can fit in them ie HID, (metal body, heat not an issue). They have a sharp cutout but almost 180 degrees of dispersion, no joke. A single one of these lights up the road directly ahead just as well as the vtr's single headlight but also has a much, much wider spread. I was considering removing the vtr's single altogether, but i'd have to hassle around to retrofit a H4 bulb to these, not worth it. A dual headlight conversion is on the cards later though.

    Anyway, as such, they must be mounted one way, with this bracket
    Ie, the bracket must sit near horizontal. I'm thinking of having it a little tilted in order to give more light "level" when leaned over but its not a huge issue.


    Now, I have found they hang happily off the outside edge of the indicators using the factory screw thats in that position, given the body of the lights are light metal it's no strain...but.. it looks odd, and unless its angled either directly ahead (defeating the purpose) or off the side (fantastic, but looks very odd) it hits the frame on full steering lock.

    What I need is like...a clamp for the forks that has a tab on it horizontally I can drill that bracket onto. Plenty of places it would sit perfectly up high above the factory fork clamps (term?).

    Something that clamps onto a vertical tube but ofers a horizontal platform to mount the light's bracket on.

    Like this [​IMG]

    But note thats not for a full tube.

    I know this is something any workshop could fab up fairly quick but i'm just wondering if this is some type of common device I can pick up from a particular industry, etc.
  2. also, for anyone who wants to know *(very hard to track down online)* vtr 250 alternator capacity (all years) is apparently

    12v 0.32kw @ 5000 rpm. Or 320 watts. Pleeeenty even allowing for all the lights on at once etc.
  3. Turns out, thats cheap for stainless brackets. FML. Quoted over double by 3 reputable shops for a one-off.

    Looks like layered tin and black gloss spraypaint for me maybe :p
  4. Then there is Moto Light.

    That's if you have a spare few hundred. :shock: :roll:
  5. Spare five hundred? And from what I can tell, my lights are better, just need brackets.

    Dont like the idea of mounting near a caliper though. Also, those pissy little lights wont project sideways much. great way to waste half a k making you look like a UFO.