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Mounting a deep headlight

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by crembz, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    Wondering how people go about fitting aftermarket headlights? I bought a 7" round headlight replacement, but it turns out it's about 5cm deeper than the stock headlight. http://www.shop.modernmotorcyclecom...dlights/products/headlight-7-black-cafe-style.

    The rear of the headlight casing fouls the speedo cable about 5cm from the bottom of the instrument cluster (there's no way I can reroute the cable). I'm probably about 3-4cm from it sitting nicely.

    How best to fit the headlight? I looked into aftermarket brackets, however these don't seem any deeper than the one I have. At best I could shift the position of the headlight down enough to be able to reroute the speedo cable.

    The other option i was thinking was a custom dent on the casing (metal casing) to clear the speedo cable and use the stock brackets.

    Option 3, shift the instrument cluster upward, but this seems like a little too much effort for what it's worth.
  2. the PO of my bike did option 2 on mine but to clear the stem fairing bracket (fairings removed) cant see it at all
  3. Oh option 4 somehow make a custom bracket, no idea how I'd make one though
  4. A possible idea for a custom bracket would be track down a metal fabrication place that does laser cutting. There's a bloke I know here that does all the bling stainless bits for trucks he has a local place cut out of sheet stainless all sorts of gear. The beaut thing about this is you can design your own special look or just get help making something that looks original but with the extra clearance you need. Price would be pretty reasonable I would think.
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  5. I've been looking around for somewhere that can do laser cutting. Problem is getting there since most are only open mon-fri.

    Anyone know anywhere that is open saturday in outer east melbourne (bayswater area would be good).
  6. There's a new member just introduced himself by the name skins who does that sort of work as a sideline not sure how to tie people's profile info across. Hope you find him.
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  7. You will probably need to go to a laser cutter with a CAD file in the shape you want for them to cut. If you get them to design as welll as cut your price will be higher.Most places will want a file in the DXF format.
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    Thanks mate that might be a perfect solution if he's happy to help out. I really need to swap out my broken headlight, it's letting water into the spaghetti monster inside the case.

    That might be outside of my abilities, never used CAD before. I was planning on just walking in with the bracket in hand. All it is is a flat triangular piece of metal with holes in it. Just need a bigger one
  9. Discussion in the welcome lounge" Just like making stuff" hope you find it
  10. Ok, setup time always costs in this kind of fabrication so GregglesGreggles suggestion of getting help from someone who has some fabrication experience is probably a good idea.
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    I looked up skins but he's located in the gold coast. :(

    Hopefully someone with some skills will see this and help a guy out :) :D
  12. take photos of what you have now, and draw pic of what you want it to be.

    can easily make brackets with angle grinder and drill :)
    if it is simple flat stuff, engineering places may not charge much at all.
    if you can draw an accurate diagram, stuff can be made and posted (online machining shops also an option)
  13. [​IMG]

    That's pretty much it. I could trace it out on cardboard, just need to extend the narrow end by 3-4cm. Currently it's about 11.5cm from the fork edge to the headlight mount point.
  14. how thick is it? is it thin with bent over edges?
    does that square hole need to be square? (could it be round and still work?)

    does it need to be shiny stainless, or would painted steel be ok? aluminium?

    you could dummy up a new shape with a couple of layers of thick cardboard..
    or even 5mm thick plastic cutting board, or even thin plywood...
  15. Probably about 5mm. Mrs is gonna shoot me if I leave the couch and go to the garage again to check ;) I'll draw it up on cardboard tomorrow with all the dimensions.
  16. Just saw this.
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  17. Crembz, if you bring them down to my office in Bayswater I might be able to make something up in aluminium or steel.
    I don't have any stainless thick enough. Or you could source your preferred material and I'll work with that.
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  18. Massive thanks to Steve for finishing off the brackets on a Sunday. I just had to file and finish them. This is how they turned out


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  19. They turned out OK. Lucky paint hides imperfections so well.
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