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Mounted Tablet - Really?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by adprom, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. As attached - the gentleman had a 10" tablet mounted right in the middle of the windscreen. Not only that, he was towing a trailer. I'm all for using GPS mounted appropriately (I have one at bottom myself and use one on the bike) but this is just silly.


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  2. 5,4,3,2 and 1
  3. The suspense is killing me
  4. Maybe he can't see very well so needs a large print GPS.
  5. Maybe has a wifi camera on the trailer so he can see past it?
  6. He's got the camera function on so he can look at the screen and see where he's going.
  7. Is that Harold Scruby driving
  8. He's playing lane splitter.........makes him feel like a boss.
  9. I think it is innovators like these that help humanity to advance.

    I'm hoping that darwinian selection will also help the gene pool when he comes to a premature end.
  10. Android or apple ??
  11. That was my mum. She was watching p0rn. Leave her alone.
  12. I have always though it would be cool to mount a tablet on the bike. Real time weather updates, GPS. Would be awesome for touring. Not to mention being able to change the music.

  13. i use my 10 inch motorola tablet under the clear window of my tank bag for nav and music when touring long distances. Works very well. So i cant hate.
  14. Yeh but it's not blocking off half your view...
  15. Im not against the tech or concept. seen quite a few tablets cleverly integraThe problem is having it right in front of his face blocking a significant portion of the road. I haven't seen one yet blocking quite that amount of the windscreen.

    If you can mount it safely to car or bike - go for it.
  16. Considering 'The Man' has conniptions over anything haning from rear view mirrors, I"m surprised this guy hasn't been pulled over. Now if this person did have a wireless camera set up and streaming to the tablet, that is a good use of grey matter
  17. I two vote for p0rn.

    They have special police in Paris to track down people playing with themselves in cars.

    (I think french people were filling me full of bs but I like the story so im abandoning reality and substituting my own)
  18. Saw a similar thing the other day. How did you get such a pic?
  19. Parked side of road ;)
  20. From his helmet mounted tablet taking stills.......