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Mountain biker @ 160 km/h loses front tyre

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by undii, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. :shock: :eek:wned:

    thats really the wrong time and place to have a set of forks fall apart on you..... farkin OUCH!!
  2. That is a whole big wiiiiide world of hurt.

    Looks like the forks detatched.
  3. Ooooooohhhh That had to hurt.
  4. The headstem just falls apart... poor guy. I wonder what sort of protection he was wearing? Looks like it gets torn to bits
  5. They only wear a rubber suit and a pretend helmet that you can't ride on the road.

    100 Miles an Hour that is quick
  6. Looks like Rick Disnic has a equal in the mountain biking world... Ouch!!
  7. dear me, he is gonna be sore tomorrow!
  8. haha. 12th man

    "did a sandshoe blow or did you just f*ck up?"

    "well... daryll. I.. just.. f*cked.. up*"
  9. Oh man !! That has got to hurt :roses:
  10. That is why i will always wear a full faced helmet....

    And never ride down a volcano on a pushie :LOL:
  11. Holy cow that was a huge crash! He looks so wasted when they're taking off his crash suit.....as you would be

    Dunno what happened but may be that forks bottomed out on him which put too much pressure on the steering head.

    Alot of these mountain bikers are pure nuts! Especially those guys who fly down and off mountains in the red bull event in the colorado rockies(i think its there)....great to watch though!
  12. ohh thats gotta hurt
    dude looked wrecked
    and if u looke closly he lost his helmet...
    never would of happen if he went squid :rofl:
  13. i think it's what livingstonest said. forks bottomed out at 1 bazillion Kays an hour which put too much pressure on the head stem and it just broke away from the frame. he really does look FARKED when he stops rolling. he would have some serious concussion i would think. but i woulda tried it if i had the funding and a bike? the stuff they do on the red bull rampage is awesome. if only i was as good as those guys [-o< [-o<
  14. I see his problem, he is using an A headstem system should never have moved from the quill system IMO.

    As an ex mountain biker I always wore Dianese armour and a full face Bell bicycle helmet whenever I raced downhill.

    Anyway it might of hurt but I reckon it would have been thrilling
  15. oooooooch
  16. I'd have a go on one of the new KTM's but on a pushie? Sorry, little voice is saying "you gotta be nuts!"
  17. Yeah that's what i meant, the red bull rampage

    Dunno much about motorbikes but i do know that the forks used on mountain bikes can cost up to a few grand!

  18. I rode home on a mates downhill bike once and got pulled over by the cops and told I could get done for wearing his fullface bell helmet and not wearing a helmet that complies with Australian Safety Standards. Amazing what cops prefer to pull people up on these days... "hey that kid looks like hes riding in a 2-3 hundred dollar competition helmet, quick pull him over so he has to buy one of those $50 target specials with AS sticker that will protect him so much better.....
  19. yep those downhill bikes can cost almost 6 grand i think :shock: