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Mountain bike racing at Bendigo 22/11

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Wolfmother, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Is there any netriders that are into mountain bikes, that will be racing the first round of the vic series at Bendigo this weekend?
    A couple of us are getting there Saturday some time to set up camp. Just look out for the Bundy flag and the cat on the helmet.

  2. not riding this one, but good luck!
  3. I will be riding my ridged single speed as my Giant nrs is out of action after the Bright 6 hr.
    But what the heck its not about winning the race, its about getting out there and thrashing the pants off people while i am on a ridged steel framed single speed.
    Looking at your aviator you are a bike nut too, have you done many races in vic?
    In time l want to travel north to try some new trails, but it depends on the family now as the missus is due in Feb. Cant wait a new mountain biker comin into the world.
  4. single speed? eeeeeew! please tell me you have brakes on it?

    I've done a few enduros (scott / Mont) but mainly in canberra. I haven't been south of the border yet. There are some really good ones around canberra, so once your bub is old enough to smash the trails with you deffo hit it up!
  5. Yep got brakes on the mtb ss but not on the fixie:demon:
    I just love racing on my ss.
  6. I'm a firm maybe on this one, but it'll be Sport for me.
    With the arrival of new lil fella , the MTB/pushie riding has gone right to the back of the bus ove the last 2 months.

    Planning on ticking off ever round of the series for once in my life, even if I gotta drag the fekkin Epic around.

    So what ratio you running for this frist round?
    Rocks & berms by alll reports.
  7. Running a 32:16 ratio. Never riden Bendigo befor.
    I am just there for a ride and a giggle.
  8. Did you get to ride in the mud Marx?
    I rode in Vets for all 5 laps. Bloody hell it was hard.
    Good news was i was the first single speed. Bad news i was the only silly bugger to ride single speed. Think i came in 10th for the vets class out of 15. 4 DNF.
    Still happy with the way i rode will try a differant gear ratio next time.