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QLD Mount Nebo Road

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by beingaware, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. FYI: There are rocks and gravel thrown across Mount Nebo Road
    About 2km up from the Camp Mountain Lookout turn off.

    It's in a corner, my Golf R even slid a little with AWD, so please be very careful on bikes.

    Take care and ride safe.
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  2. Thanks for the heads up. Did you happen to do Mt Glorious on the same trip? Anything to report there?

    Considering going up Mt. Glorious and then over to Mt. Neebo tomorrow.


  3. Did you stop to clean it up?
  4. There's been a lot of crud on the road up there recently and mainly on the more sweeping, fun corners. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Pretty well known for local's dumping crap on the road, although only theory at this point as never heard of anyone being caught in it.
  6. Elogov - malicious intent or just mindlessness dumping i.e. 'tosser'?
  7. I went over Mt Glorius on Thursday and road was clear, came down the road to Samford though not thru Nebo so can't report on that.
  8. I've heard from a local there's a few people that go out of their way to chuck rocks, branches etc all speculation & assumptions nothing confirmed .

    Can safely let everyone know nothing on the road through my nebo/ glorious/ back of glorious towards hwy.

    Just came back from a 3 hour ride. If the two r1's are on NR thanks for the chase! Best ride I've had for a while!
  9. I'd reckon locals would have far better things to do with their time than chuck stuff on the road.
    The debris is most often from storms and windy weather not yokels playing banjos ;-)
  10. Someone hasn't watched Deliverance!
  11. I have ... that was the point =D
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  12. The crap people do these days, really wouldn't surprise me to be honest.
  13. I went up over Mt.G last week (on my way to Crows Nest ) , last time was over 15y ago.
    Heavy speed restrictions now ,but I did think the heavy vegetation cover inside and outside the main traffic lane was an accident looking for a noob.
    Run close or wide , add a bit of moisture, and away you go… caveat emptor.
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  14. As a push bike rider, I've seen plenty of oil and tacks left on roads on the Brisbane river loop in the last six months to know that some people will go well out of their way to reclaim "their" road.
  15. Who's psychotic enough to do that? A lot of innocents get caught up in this disgraceful behavior as well.
  16. Not that this isn't anything more to go off what I've already said but yerr few suspicions around.

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  17. There was a big push bike crash yesterday on Montague Rd in Brisbane due to a suspicious oil patch. It was questionable as the oil was neither in the middle of the road (where you'd expect a broken car to drop it) or in the parking area (where a parked car may drop it) but rather mainly on the left of the lane, where bikes ride. It's a well known part of the River Loop.
  18. Actually used to live just around the corner Nere the caffee's before I moved to wynum. surely it would've been the off set of a decent crash especially given its a fairly busy road?
  19. Possibly. The position of the oil spill seemed strange, leading to questions of it origins.
  20. thanx gohardgohard for confirming (crows nest speed reductions etc). mentioned this on another thread in here a few weeks back & was questioned.

    off topic:
    came thru Thunderbolt Way from Uralla to Gloucester/Stroud last Sat. to avoid the Tamworth crowd including feral fuzz & spaced out bootscooters
    fkn disaster area, road surface a shocker in many places, 4wd caravans overtaking weekend warriors on 50 light model full dresser armchairs with skinclad widgies on the back, idiot would be if they could be's, headin' for won't be's for long, overtaking on double lines (no visibility) & eventually forced off the road by dkhead on wrong side ..... flattened an echidna (real messy that). nobody stopped for the formal burial or to even discuss the carnage.

    Typical Ozzy Ozzy redneck material

    first time i've been forced to travel long distance on a long weekend/ holiday period for donks & it's a subtle reminder as to why,