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Mount Morgan Twisties, Central Queensland

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by Nick Ling, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Video of a ride through the Mount Morgan twisties

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  2. What audio lol
  3. Nice looking road - pity about the speed limit. 40 seriously!
  4. And its the closest set of twisties to Gladstone :bigtears:

    I miss my old Nebo/Glorious run:depressed:
  5. That is a nice road!

    I did a Mt Nebo run the other day, just a quick half ass'd one it was good!
  6. Nebo is pretty much only road around here haven't done yet. Thought I did when coming over Glorious from the west, but seemed I turned off onto some other road down to Samford. Might have to do it next time!
  7. Yep I know exactly where you turned if you ended up in Samford, yep you missed it!
  8. Shall go over it first from Waterford next time. Coming up the western side of Glorious though was a good run.
  9. This weekend! Let's go! haha
  10. Yep, 40ks suck.

    Quite often the pluggers sit half way at the look out waiting for the speeders,

    Always wise to do a recon first then a few quick laps :)
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  11. Big ride planned for Sunday down thru NSW. Nothing really on tomorrow though if works for you?
  12. Speeding ticket is in the mail ;) regards, Cunstable Plod.