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Mount Glorious west side

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by icestorm, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Living in Toowoomba i have only been up mount glorious a couple of times.
    Today when i went up, i was pushing it a bit more.
    A question for people that ride it alot.
    The sharp 20km corners i noticed a rippling/line of bumps mid corner, is there a clear path in these corners to avoid these?
    Had an OH SHIT!! moment on the second or third one of these when leaned right over and my rear tyre lost traction as it ran over the bumps, didnt drop the bike though.

  2. I was just there today, I think the outside of the corners are not as bumpy.

    Did you get your photo taken by the fellow from Mountain Images? He was hanging around about half way up when I went past (where there was a car parked off the road).

  3. That makes a nice change from the cops photographing you!!!:applause:
  4. So that's what he's doing. I've a guys with a camera on thhe side of the road a few times heading up the mountain and wondered what he was up to. Where does he sell the pictures?
  5. I ride over Mt Glorious almost every weekend and know those bumpy corners well. I go through them fairly slowly and have not had any problems but some ride through at good speed, if you keep more to the outside you can mostly avoid the worst of the ripples and bumps.
  6. Thanks ryangus
  7. thanks for the info
  8. I do that bit of road at least once a week with some pace. The 20km corners aren't worth the risk. I always slow down to about 30-40.

    I have had a few moments where the front has had a bit of a slide due when cranked over due to the ripples.

    Not only do you have to contend with ripples, there can be a lot of debris on the outsides/middle of the road. So the smoother lines can be very slippery. Plus the fact that the back side of Glorious there isn't that nice smooth hotmix stuff it's that gravelly crap.

    I prefer to save my enthusiasm for the safer, smoother corners that get less heavy braking.
  9. Its a shame as it was a lot smoother and enjoyable before they 'redid' that stretch with that gravelly sh1t ~10yrs ago, you could have swept 50% off with a house broom. I was waiting for them to clean it up for months, but seems it was deliberate.