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Mount Gambier ANZAC w/d

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Paul Kleinberg #64, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    just wondering for those racers out there, who is going to Mac park for the 2nd round of Hartwell championships.

    It's over the ANZAC weekend, great track at the best of times and it has just been re-surfaced.
    Sort of a long way to go but it is worth it.

    I will be there on a Honda 125gp, it's probably my favourite track.


    I'll let you all know afterwards how i went!
  2. I am so tempted to do this. I know Ian Wiltshire is going, it's going to be a good weekend.

    Paul, you doing Interclub at PI on the 12th April?
  3. All the best, Paul. Not coming to this one.
  4. I'll try and put some rubber down for you Paul. Roadcraft+ are running a 2 day track/training days on April 12/13.
    I'm looking forward to riding a new (for me) track.
  5. Only doing hartwell rounds this year, no interclubs.

    I'm doing YR 12 this year and have no money so it's really tough.

    I get to race with Ian at Mac park, might not keep up but oh well.

  6. I'll be seeing you guys there :grin:

  7. You not able to keep up to the TW clunkerboat 400 on that zippy 125GP bike of yours....don't make me laugh.

    Good luck @ mac park Paul.

  8. I thought that I had read somewhere, that the Anzac meeting was off, cos the new surface wasn't right. Confirm or deny if you know.
  9. Rog, I believe that was last year?
  10. Bloody hope so. It happened at easter 87 as well. Where is joel when you need him?
  11. Forget Joel, Hes a biatch-u-man
  12. Vic, don't put shit on him. We need him on the S.A trip, to help tar and feather that bloke who is porking his daughter. I am doing the feathering. You just know which bit we need Joel for.
  13. Hartwell meeting tonight...I'll let you know

    'pre meetin' as far as I know, its all thumbs up and a go
  14. Thanx Mike.
  15. Hey,

    The first round was supposed to be at Mac as well but was called off and moved to broadford.

    I have a mate who lives in Mount Gambier and rode the track a couple of times now since being re-surfaced.

    All the bumps are still there, and some, but atleast it's not like riding over marbles.

    Atleast he said, alot better track than before.

  16. Round 2 of the Hartwell MCC Championships WILL BE HELD AT MAC PARK on Anzac Weekend.

    As promised, confirmed at last nights' club meeting.
  17. Thanx Mike
  18. My entry is in, and quite a few others. The grids are going to be full.

    If you want to see some good racing, this meeting is going to be one of the best.
  19. Hey Paul,
    Ron (Grey Gentry) did lay some rubber down, for you but not quite as he expected. "He put a braking marker doen where the front wheel locked up" and dumped my ZZR600. The result was a broken collar bone &rib, He is currently recouperating in Mt Gambier hospital. And the bike is ridable. he will post more when he gets home.......... Marlene.
  20. Ouch!!!

    Hope he gets better and more impotantly get back in the saddle as soon as possible.
    These things happen and you just need to be prepared for it, but not let it slow you down.