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Mouldy Old Photos

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by John_M, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. I understand this topic was quite successful on the Aprilia Forum in 2009 and this year it’s been popular on the Ulysses Forum. How about here too?

    If you have old prints or slides and a scanner, here’s a thread for posting your old motorcycle pictures. If it’s originally digital, it’s too new. This is about motorcycles and motorcycling: they may be of the bikes, riding activities or memorabilia, of your grandparents, uncles/aunts, fathers/mothers, elder siblings, your mates/partners or people you don’t even know, racing or rallies, or of you or your bikes when you were more spritely.

    Please get out those mouldy, scratched, faded, dusty, yellowed (colour or black & white) pics and scan ‘em up.

    Here's a few to start things off:

    Brisbane, my parent’s driveway 1975: Ducati 350 Desmo (Michael Rocket), Honda 350/4 (Kevin Hasse), Honda 350/4 (Clive Fraser), Honda 500/4 (John Meara):


    Our bikes at the lookout in Canberra for the “No Lights On” protest run, January 1980. My RD350B; Ron Buhmann's Z900. Don't you love our front number plates?! And check out my Bell helmet and Ron's 2 x 100 watt aircraft landing lights!


    Newell Hwy servo - road to Bathurst 1983:


    On the mountain at Bathurst: Peter, Robyn & Gail


    Happy vegemites on the last leg home of a great trip to the Easter races:


    A couple of real oldies…

    My wife’s mum aged about 19 at the time, on my wife’s dad's Triumph. Taken on Flemming Road at Hemmant (Brisbane) circa 1938 before they got married. It was Bill's second bike; his first was an Indian. He sold the Triumph a week before they married.


    My wife’s dad and 3 of his brothers beside his Indian - Taken 9 May 1937, probably at either Fig Tree Pocket or Moggill (Brisbane).

  2. very cool
  3. My first bike, a CB500-4, with Triumph headlight, clip-ons, 4-into-1 exhaust, fibreglass front guard, crash bars, finned tappet covers, finned side covers, front number plates. $850 in July 1975. The P-plates a second time after I lost my licence for accumulation of points :eek:.


    Trip to Sydney for Castrol 6-Hour in 1979 - our 4 parked at Blacktown Hotel where we stayed for the weekend. My little RD350B kept up with Michael's & Don's 750-4s and Ron's Z900 (just)



    My RD350B beside the Newell Hwy headed north home to Brisbane from Bathurst (1979 or 1980?). I was bringing my girlfriend’s (now wife) riding gear home as she went on to Melbourne to do a 4WD trip via Adelaide and the Birdsville Track. I painted the bikini fairing myself :D


    My mate Ron's Z900


  4. Here’re more I took of all my mate’s bikes back in the late 70s and early 80s:

    Michael's chopped Harley and Phill's worked Kwaka:


    Greg's Kwaka 9:


    Lily's Yammy RD400C:


    Brother Geoff's Yammy 175 - brand new:

  5. More....

    Ron's RD350 with Dunstall kit:


    Mick's Yammy 500:


    Yammy 650:


    Kev's Yammy 750:


    One of the Navy boys' Ducati 900:

  6. Clive's 350-4:


    Kevin's 750-4:


    Diedrey's 550-4:


    Rob's 500-4 - previously Phill's, with Yoshie 605 kit:


    Glen's 1100R:


  7. Ooo, that cherry red 350/4 is exactly like mine, my very first bike, in November 1974. Love the TX500 too. My Mate's TX500 was the bike I learnt to ride on.
  8. I'm loving this thread! Keep it coming....

    Dig the Kwaka 9 with chopper bars. Thinking of emulating that whole thing on my Hornet.
  9. rd250.

    My "stable" Christmas 1975. RD250C and TY250A


    My customised 500/4 c.1980. Fitted with a complete Suzuki GT750 front end. That's my (now) 34 year old daughter and (now) 32 year old son sitting on the ike.



    Travelling marshall, club day, Oran Park, 1984


    Competent, but boring. GS850G


    The last (and best) of the 4 CBX550's that I owned.
  10. sorry, posted twice.
  11. The RD250 looks so tiny, and I love the front end on the 500/4. They needed better brakes (like all then) - nice job - it looks so clean.

    My first bike was this Honda 500/4, photos taken about July 1975:


    Here it is before I sold it in late 1977, after my own changes:


    These of my RD350B when I first got it, late 1979 (before the matching bikini fairing etc):

  12. This is an old photo of my Dad, probably taken in the mid to late 50's of him on a Matchless. No idea of the model or year though... I think the weather shield is a non-standard part but I might be wrong. Pity the photo didn't show all of the bike.

  13. Top idea John, keep em coming .....
  14. Trip to/from Bathurst 1983 - Fast food servo stops:



  15. My first roady was an RD 250,brown.I should scan some of my pics.Love that Bevel in the pics
  16. The middle picture is screaming for a caption like, "Yeah, gallon of petrol and a match, I reckon. Damn Italian electrics."

  17. My 1100 Katana, interstate cruise missile.. taken around '85. If I had the means..yup I'd get another in a heartbeat.


    This was my XS650 that I rode in Adelaide for quite a few years, it was to be my last bike while the kids came on the scene...I swapped a VT250 for it..who do you think got the better deal?

  18. Resurrecting another old thread here as I came across some pics from 1997 and my much loved GSX-R 750 from back then. Loved the colour of this thing and man did we do some low flying together (RSA speed laws not being as enforced back then).

    I think this is a great thread, would love to see your old rides (bikes people, keep minds out of gutter pls :) ) here.

    Apologies - I can't rotate these for some reason?

    image. image. image.
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  19. bunbury_1.
    Bunbury beach circuit 1981. Tom Cull (No.34) and Mike Henderson (I think).
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  20. Lol found some more - circa 1985 learning how to bugger around on my first bike, Kawa AE50.


    And the next bike along was 2 years later - the legendary XT 500. Like the old Timex advert - takes a licking, keeps on ticking! My late aunt getting on board for a pic. Note the ATGATT of the day (cringe....)!

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