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Moulded silicon earplugs for using an ipod etc while riding

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Nine Volt Heart, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Can someone let me know the name/style of those earplugs becoming popular with riders? They have coils (hollow tubing?) extending from the ear-plugs to a central wire that connects to the MP3 player/iPod.
    I've heard there's a guy who lives near Baghdad, out of Hobart, who fits them. Any information most welcome.

  2. earplugs

    Thanks for both responses - will check those sites out.
  3. Hi Anthony,

    Noticed you were looking at the Earmold Ear Plugs. If your interested I bought a pair and did a review of them. I had mixed results, the wind noise coming through the tubes sent me batty. I did try a number of tube routing variations and nothing solved it totally. After much experimenting I think it had more to do with my screen at the time (Standard R1200GS Screen). Yet have changed the screen and although better still annoying.

    I have recieved feedback and spoken to a few users now who have no problem at all. It seems though they were all on unscreened bikes enjoying the clean air.

    The audio quality of the product is great, the plugs fit great, Rays service is great, I just couldn't get rid of the windnoise. If your interested the link to the review is
    Earmold Audio Ear Plugs Update Review

    I think it's like most bike gear, works a treat for some and not for others. Unfortunately the only way is to spend the money and give it a go.

    If they work for you they will be worth the try. When it's a calm day they work a treat and the sound is awsome.

  4. We spoke about your problem over the phone Andy. The problem isn't the tubes, it's the speakers moving around that cause the rustling.

    Mr Mack's (Ray) service is second to none. I have both pairs (wires and not) and my wires were noisy. When I told him, he had a look at them and took them out and binned them. They were made by Brogy's clan at the expo.

    Once the new set were made, the wind noise stopped immediately.

    I accidentally pulled one of the wires out of my ear plugs and the other one split in one spot.

    At the next expo they were repaired at no cost.

    12/10 for Earmold, Ray and Pat are the loveliest people.

    I've never looked back after getting these plugs. They totally rawk :)