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Moulded earplugs that are headphones

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by c0rrupt, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Someone told me recently that you can get moulded earplugs that act as headphones for the Ipod also?

    Does anyone know if this is true if so, where to order them as normal headphones hurt my ears in the the helmet.


  2. They have a banner running on the left side of the page.

    They are brilliant. Have had mine for 3 years. Wear them on every single ride.
  3. True, that, but they are also damn expensive. $120 or around about last time I checked.
  4. Negative Sir,

    they are $220 :grin:

    worth every cent too ;)
  5. Hahaha :LOL: Nice !

    Looking into these as well.
  6. i love mine, every ride also, stops wind noise...


    left channel is breaking up, loose wire near the plug. Arron has gladly agreed to take a look at them and inspect / replace as required. Currently riding without them, FUKN NOISE!! Yeah, i like 'em...
  7. I've been putting off getting some of these for bloody ages. Sound like a good bit of kit.
  8. Hold off no more scrotum boi, get them, you will love them ;)
  9. I have both the wires and a set without. For short rides to the shops I use the non wired ones, otherwise I'm piping toons into my head ;)
  10. +1, although the wires do have an issue if exposed to the wind (ie not tucked into a jacket) For whatever reason the wind noise gets amplified and piped straight into your ears. I've wrapped mine in bubble wrap and electrical tape, and that seems to work OK.
  11. Bubble wrap ey? be a bit bulky?

    When I'm wearing mine, I put earmolds in first, then the jacket, then the balaclava then the necksock then the helmet last.

    There is next to zero chance that you were ever going to get it on the outside in winter.

    In summer though, with no necksock the air tubes do get knocked and they do amplify the knocks which is annoying.
  12. Splendid array of replies guys! - will check out and order some soon.

    Cheers for the info :p :LOL:
  13. Right.. well i'm either thick or blind... possibly both. But I cannot figure out what are ones you use for connecting to a ipod in the 'custom' area... they all seem to be for people with hearing difficulties...

    If anyone can be bothered, can you link me to the product i'm after.

    Cheers :?
  14. c0rrupt
    I can put you onto the guy who did mine for me.
    PM me for more info - very friendly guy, I think he will come to you in some instances.
  15. Yeah, easier to contact them direct and they will put you onto someone close to you. They just come with a standard mini jack plug.

    Vic - yeah, a little bulky and not a complete fix, but definitely better than nothing. On the commute they're fine under the neck sock/jacket/helmet, it's just wearing the one-piece leathers and plugging into the GPS on the handlebars that causes problems.

    Version 1 - initially just intended to stop the connections knocking together, which worked great when tucked into a jacket. Did stuff-all against wind-noise when hanging in the breeze:

    Current version - not real pretty but more effective:
  16. DarkHorse, thanks for that - whats with all the tape on ver2?
  17. The noise that gets transmitted up the wires is firstly the connectors knocking together (solved by V1) which is fine if you can wear them under a jacket. If you can't (1pc leathers, so no exit point to get to GPS) the wind noise affects the entire cable from the point it splits into 2, meaning you have to insulate the lot (V2). The coils still get noisey because they hang below my helmet, but I don't want to tape them up because I'll lose the flexibility/extension.

    Next idea is heat shrink, when I get around to it.

    Hope that helps.
  18. You can try finding something like these:

    these don't have the tubes, and have the speakers moulded directly into the mould

    other choices are musicians earplugs - can be bloddy expensive thou I've seen some start at $400 and head the other side of $1000 US.
  19. Farken hindsight.

    Oh well, not shelling out another coupla hunj for a while yet. They look good though, solve the wind-noise problem. Anyone got any experience with them or the companies behind them here?