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Motul or Unifilter filter oil?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by momo, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. As above :grin:

    Motul is, well, Motul, but the bloody stuff seems to leak out of the filter for months after application, no matter how little I use, and I think it might be being sucked into the carbs. I have some Unifilter oil handy that I can try instead, so can anyone with experience using the two recommend which to go with? Thanks :cool:

  2. Well dont know about those two brands, but if your talking about air filter oil then i use shell spray air filter oil. It works a treat.
  3. If it drips out you're probably using too much.

    Use about a tablespoon in the bottom
    of a plastic bag, then chuck your filter in there and gently mush the oil into
    it. This method also keeps your hands cleaner.

    I use Maxima spray-on for roadbike filters, it's pretty good and very
    easy to apply.
  4. If it's the oem filter and is foam then you mustn't use Unifilter oil.

    Unifilters use a much more open-pore filter than the J oems. You will clog it if you use the thicker, Uni oil.

    As Hotcam said, use less oil. You should squeeze all the excess out before fitting it. There does not need to be residual, visible oil on the foam - just a thin film is good enough on road bikes, unless you are frequently visiting very dusty areas.

    I have frequently used lawn mower mix at 25:1 on the dense J oem elements. The petrol dries out and leaves a thin, oily film. You need to clean and reoiol frequently, though.


    Trevor G