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Motul Oil

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by trd2000, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. so It's time to do the mid service interval oil drop and i'm trying to shop around for motul oil but having trouble finding anywhere in melbourne that sells it other than the bike shop.

    has anyone else had this problem or found a decent supplier?

    I was even thinking about getting a 25L drum of 300v although it'd be massive overkill on the little VTR... but i can't find ANYONE who sells drums. Contacted the importer for a distributer list and they told me to go to a bike shop. Great.

  2. Most Autobarn's sell it, but you may not get a bike specific one from them.
  3. How much is a 25L drum? You might be able to split the cost with a few other like-minded individuals and have an oil-change party.
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  4. hmmmm beer is a lubricant ...right?

    the problem im having is finding somewhere that sells drums... i'll try autobarn and see what they've got, their website isn't very helpful.
  5. they'd possibly order it in for you regardless,,,, if they stock Motul in general......
  6. They don't have drums but I've mail-ordered Motul oil from this place before:
    If I remember rightly the bulk drums only work out around 10% cheaper than the bottles anyway, so possibly not worth the effort.

    Out of curiosity is there any reason you're only looking at Motul? Other brands should have something comparable, if not better, and it might be a lot easier and/or cheaper buying bulk drums of that instead.
  7. got recommended motul by both my car tuner and bike mechanic.... and it seems to be fairly well regarded. Aprilia say Agip... but try finding that.

    oddly though my car is now on Martini oil cause thats what my mech in melbourne uses.

    the other option i guess would be buy from overseas... its about $10 a litre less that way but i dunno about freight.
  8. Just dont use fully syn with a honda. Its asking for trouble
  9. lol how so?

    my CBR WAS on honda lube for about the first 50,000km...
  10. Dependa what honda lube youre talking about. Was it hp4? If it was thats a semi syn
  11. Most US sellers I've dealt with won't sell oil since the US post system won't touch anything they consider to be flammable goods (they won't even ship wine).

    Couriers are an option, but cost of those out of the USA is horrific. I've been quoted $300+ for small parcels over 5kg.
  12. yeah i was thinking from the UK maybe... lol wine from the states??? what were you thinking?!

    honda used whatever they recommend i guess... i just asked for everything OEM....
  13. It would be hp4 then. Just be cautious with going to full syn you may encounter oil burning then
  14. Actually I was looking at beer from the states, which they also won't ship :(.
    There's some very good micro-breweries over there.
  15. What makes Honda special? Curious cause I was gonna put the cbr on the aprilias oil
  16. i know gulf western oils did a bulk buy for members of nswriders a little while ago, they are up in sydney though, but as far as i know the stuff is very good i think they make it here, i have heard very good things about their oils. I dont use them myself, i always use motul 5400 in all of my bikes thus far.
    they readily sell bulk amounts to the public. the cost of shipping a barrel of oil will be monumental, i tried to get fedex to ship a box of bike parts to me from the uk, they quoted 300-500 dollars, depending on the day (??), this box weighed 1.3kg and was about the size of a laser printer. The shipping will make importing complety uneconomical.
  17. The electroplating in the cylinder bore can be temperamental
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  18. I used to use those overpriced Motul pieces of money burning oils...............I use Penrite HPR 10 from your local Supercheap......seeing as its also used for LPG/diesel cars the price is significantly cheaper :).
  19. ...and there's the well tested Delo 400... I bought a 20L drum of the top Delo from the Caltex Depo in Dandenong... for $100.
  20. Ill look into this one...sounds good, thanks.