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Motul Chain Lube on Wheel

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by JP, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. I bought some Motul Chain Lube for my VTR250, and have been cleaning the chain with kero and a toothbrush and then lubing it every other fill up. The only problem that I'm having is some over spray from the lube landed on the back wheel (not the tyre) and has formed this sticky gunk. Can I just use the kero to remove? Has anyone encountered this and/or have a better suggestion as to how I can remove it and how to stop it from happening again? Thanks as always.

  2. Kero is fine to remove it with...

    Robsalv has a great idea to keep the wheel as clean as possible, he has cut out a piece of cardboard that fits between the rear sprocket and wheel and extends forward towards the front sprocket cover. It allows you to lube the chain up nicely without worrying about getting lube all over the tyre and wheel. Also make sure you lube up when the chain is warm just after a ride..the heats helps the lube stick to the chain better and prevents it flinging off.

  3. Do you need to clean your chain so often? I do lube it regularly but have never cleaned mine in 12 months. should I?
  4. lol, you're kiddin right? Too late now. When the chain wears out, make sure you take better care of the next one.

    Thanks for the kudos Bamm Bamm. :) https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=50798

    jp86, good onya for lubing - are you cleaning the chain every second tank too? If yes, that might be over the top - it won't hurt the chain though. If you're only lubing though, at that frequency a little will go a long way...

    If you're patient, get the wheel off the deck and spray a bit of the chain at a time while holding a rag between the chain and the wheel. Manually rotate the wheel!!!! You'll end up with a lube soaked rag which you can then wipe the far side and underneath of the chain for corrosion protection.
  5. Dunno' what does the manual say for your bike? Clean it before you tension it...you do tension it don't you?

    Edit: Sorry Rob, we must’ve crossposted…I have no wish to challenge your deserved primacy as the Main Chain Brain :)
  6. I just knew I stole that idea from someone here :LOL:
    Thx Rob !
  7. Thanks for that link robsalvv. I'll try using a piece of cardboard. I've got an Oxford rear stand on order, so that should make the job much easier. So I don't need to clean the chain each time I lube it? Thats good news :) How often should I clean then? Maybe every 6 times I fill up?
  8. Haha, the same thing happened to me. I did mine only a few weeks ago, i use Shell Chain Lube, and it even says on the can "no slinging-off", Bullsh*t.
    As soon as i rode it it flung everywhere, and like you all on the back wheel and it is F..ing annoying to get off. I used Degreaser and washed it off, and wiped away where it didn't. Its grease so its gonna be sticky and thick, and a pain to remove. However my chain is smooth as silk..Cant even hear it :)

    It should be done every 600kays, sometimes more if you like or less. Depends how much dirt and stuff gets on it, you'll realise when you can hear the chain doing its business. On my bike anyway.
  9. Motul chain lube is really sticky, even on a cold chain that has just been cleaned it sticks in seconds. I don't really get much fling-off at all, do you think you might be spraying too much lube?
  10. I use Motul chain lube road. It penetrates well and doesn't fling off if used right.

    You have to let it really soak in before going for a ride... and if you haven't applied it to a warm chain, you'll need to let it sit for a while so that the carrier fluid and lighter fractions weather. This avoids fling off.

    If you over lube, make sure you give the chain a wipe once it's penetrated.
  11. +1
    mr sheen to clean the wheels,works great.
  12. Bug and Tar remover works well too
  13. Yeah best to lube chain while after a long ride when chain is hot, then leave it overnight.

    I have tied Motul chain lube and thought it was very average, way too much fling off. Then I tried Shell, same problem and also collected heaps of road grime, dust n dirt..

    Then I was told about Motorex chain Lube and it's superb, I highly recommend it. Its a white colour and lasts a long time even in wet conditions + it doesnt collect dust like the others I've tried.

    Everyone has their favourite chain lube or wax. Best to try different brands until you find the one that suits your chain and riding style best.

    I clean my wheels with degreaser or wd40 and use kero with an old toothbrush to clean the chain. Dont use WD40 to clean your chain as it displaces the grease in the chain's O- or X-rings.
  14. there are two motul chain lubes. factory and road. which do you have? I have no problems with the factory one.
  15. yeah baby!!
    +1 more
  16. Primacy??? LOL... Challenge away mate. I'm happy to learn new stuff. :)

    Frankly there's no need to clean a chain... none at all. No it's true.

    But you will have to replace chain and sprockets often and you will have to put up with reduced power transfer and you will have to put up with a jerky and unsmooth ride due to chain stretch. There's also the risk that a chain could stretch enough in one ride that the wrong circumstances could cause it to jump off, as happened to Whippet a while back.

    Once that stretch starts happening, there's nothing you can do to stop it and you will need to retension often - but at some point, you'll run out of adjustment. So really, it's a decision about weighing up where you want to spend time and money... a little time often (regular chain maintenance), or a big amount every now and then (sprockets and chain replacement) with a crap ride for part of that time.

    +1 Mr Sheen or Kero.
  17. Autobarn have a no brand spray chain grease at about $9.50
    Works as well as the shell one I used to buy and less than half the price.

    If it flings off you've used too much, little & often....
  18. Nahhh!..forget the Kero, Bam!...Use Mr Sheen!...It'll clean it off with one or two wipe arounds, and your wheels smell really nice as well...I do it all the time with Mr Sheen, mate.

    As to the original poster....I give the chain a quick squirt once a week, and yes, if you overdo it, it WILL get all over your wheel rim...and it will also eventually build up gunk on the rim even if you don't overdo the lube.

    Just Mr Sheen it! :grin:
  19. +1