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Motul Chain Cleaner

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Seany, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. One use and I'm sold. At 18.90 a can I was unsure about the purchase but I'm convinced I made a good choice now.

    Spray on, wait 5 min, then re-lube. Too easy and it did a better job than anything I've ever seen, heard of or dared to dream about. My toothbruch and bottle of kerosene are gone forever. No more afternoons covered in old lube for me! :grin:

  2. Saw this in the bike shop, wondered what it'd be like. Might have to give it a go, thanks Seany.
  3. Been using this for years, can highly endorse this product. Their "Road Lube" is also very good but again i have not used any other brand so can't honestly compare.
  5. Agreed, very good product. For heavy soiling a wipe with a rag helps.. and use the pressure pack to flush the old lube off. Expensive but good.

    Also, try using regular 'Brake clean' or 'Brake parts cleaner' have tried a few, does the same job and am as yet to have any problems with o-ring damage (the seals in your brake cylinders are rubber too, possibly of a different type though) and it's like $5 a can. :) or, free, from work lol
  6. All Motul products are good.
  7. Does one can equal one chain clean or will a can last multiple cleans?
  8. That's what you think, pal.
  9. I personally don't mind spending an afternoon covered in lube.
    Oops -wrong forum :oops: :oops:
  10. If it's that good I might grab a can then go and buy a bike that has a chain drive just so I can use it ;)
  11. yep i bought this and it's great... total newbie to bikes... My chain was realy dirty and had surface rust on it... sprayed the motul cleaner on and it cleaned everything off... chain looks brand new now...
  12. I'm assuming you "hose off" after you spray the product onto the chain? None of the posts above indicate this?

    If its the product I'm thinking of I've been told do not use any high pressure hosing as this can blow water past the o-ring seals?
  13. You don't need to use a high pressure hose. After spraying it evenly across the chain, let it sit for 5 mins... Then hold a cloth on the chain, spin the wheel and wipe it clean... It should come off. If it's really dirty, spray it again... As soon as you spray it on, you'll see the grease, rust etc come off...
  14. I'm guessing the product is some sort of degreaser, so wouldn't you want to get it all off before putting on new chain oil? Otherwise it will also break up the new oil your putting on after cleaning?
  15. yes, tamarasue.

    i use this stuff, its great, unless you've got super heavy solid gunk on your chain, like i did --> https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=58190&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

    i actually found using the ker and a toothbrush was great, let it soak in then scrub off. once ive done the chain and wiped it down a bit, there is some minor residue left. then i use the can of Motul, a quick application to let soak in for 5min or so, then another spray, and the pressure from the can blasts of the leftover shit.

    squeaky clean chain.

    wipe down with a rag, go for a ride to the shops or something to spin off the remaining chemical residue, then apply fresh lube to the warm chain on return. let sit ofr a while, and lightly wipe off any excess lube to avoid spin-off.

    but yes, Motul are good products, also a huge fan of their Wash-n-Wax in a can :grin:
  16. Bought a can after reading the last post - will give it a go when the chain is next due for a clean!
  17. Interesting thought...

    For my 2c - Did the basic maintenance course at Mad Biker the other night, and while it was BASIC, I did pick up a couple of tips - one being that Brett's prefered product for chain cleaning was petrol. Plain old simple unleaded petrol. Trick was to put it in a spray bottle to get a bit of pressure behind it and run the chain through a rag to wipe off gunk.

    Having only bought my bike a couple of weeks ago, the chain looked like it hadn't been cleaned in years. Lubed yes, but not a good clean. Quick spray with Petrol and the crap was literally falling off, and you could see the roller colour change from black to silver as the spray hit it. Works for me, and at $1.13 a litre today it's a heap cheaper than $20 a can for a cleaner.

    I have heard people worry about petrol damaging seals etc, but Brett assured us that it would do no damage being on for such a short time before being lubed again. Each to their own, but this worked for me!
  18. Having just finished using a can of the Motul Chain Cleaner I can say it's not as good as simple Kero and a brush. It's ok for a quick clean, but it never gets the chain as clean as I want it to. At $20 per can, it's not good value for money when you look at the price of Kero.
  19. Interesting thought indeed, especially when given as professional advice as part of a training package...

    Material Safety Data Sheet

    Bugger the potential damage to o-rings! Kerosene isn't considered to be nearly so harmful.

    Sadly it's all academic to me - still looking for that perfect bike (and perfect job!).