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MOTUL 2-Stroke oils...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mr_sikma, May 31, 2007.

  1. Hey,

    I have some of this stuff at home laying around...


    And was wondering if I can run it in a direct injection 2-stroke set-up?

    It says Only used for premix lubrication systems but I have been told it doesnt matter...

    Link is here... http://www.motul.com.au/product_line_up/2stroke/2stroke07.html

    And specs are..



    Feature 100% synthetic ester-based. Racing kart-exclusive-over 23,000 rpm kart lubricant. High lubrication ability.

    SAE/DOT Standard —

    Specification API TC/TSC3 & FMK/1999

    Maker's Approval —

    Compatibility Racing premix lubrication for 2-stroke engines with very high rpm


  2. i don't know, but you could definately piss-off some hippies with that stuff :)
  3. Whats the viscosity of it compared to what your suposed to run?

    if it's same viscosity it sould be fine.
  4. yeah thats what i was thinking...

    but 2-stroke oil doesnt have the same 10w-40 style ratings all over it.
  5. premix is generally thicker so may not go through your pump so well