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Motto guzzi v7stone

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by F800gsaRider, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Gday everyone just been looking recently at the current model all black motto guzzi v7stone and considering adding one to the stable, wondering if anyone has one or ridden one for any length of time and what their opinions are.

  2. 2014 v7stone

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  3. That looks great, without trying too hard. I've ridden one - good fun if a little underpowered.

    If I could afford another bike I'd seriously consider one for days when I just wanted to pootle around.
  4. Nice, I like it. How much?
  5. Thanks Womble yeah id ride when just feel like being old skool and not in licence shredding mode, havent seen many on road so probably something a bit different
  6. Not exactly cheap 15k will get you one for viewing pleasure. Then again the triumph thruxton is about that price too
  7. I used to have a MG 750 Breva which is basically at V7 with a differently styled tank and seat. Very easy to ride, and once I put Ikon shocks and front springs on, it handled really well. I did 56000 km in 2 years and it did everything...touring, city drudgery, and lots of twisties. I ended up selling to another netrider member. The V7 would be as good as the Breva was, once you sort the suspension.
  8. The bonneville and t100 are cheaper than that and the thuxton about the same price.

    For that your get a bigger engine and dohc 8-valve

    Even the wr850 is around that price.

    So, whilst I want to like the Guzzi, it is still overpriced.
  9. Yeah good call ibast i dunno why guzzi ask big bikkies for their gear when technology wise they dont do more than anyone else, i like guzzis style but they do ask a lot. They used to do a bellagio which was a really woggy looking thing but had a 900cc motor, wish they put that in the v7stone, and priced it competetively
  10. Thanks Wyno looks like theres always room for improvement in the suspension department, even with pricey italian toys.
  11. Wyno's guzzi is still going strong but it did need a specialist mechanic to expel some gremlins. It was in good hands with the first mechanic (and I'd still recommend him for pretty much every other make) but the guzzi has 'needs'. I really do like the breva and I lust the cafe racer v7 for commuting.
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  12. Glad to hear that it's still in your hands Traci.
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  13. Some good deals around on these at the moment, Series II is due mid next year with 6 gears and ABS. Haggle hard, buy one and you won't be a part of the crowd.
  14. Actually they're $13500 on road, still not cheap but not $15k.

    Shocks are pretty horrible, think I'll replace them with Ikons. Apart from that it seems a fun ride. 1000km ridden, but I've got nothing recent to compare it to
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  15. As said already, the 2015 V7 II comes with an extra gear, ABS standard and (although probably not needed) TC. Should be a much nicer and more modern ride, whilst retaining the classic looks. But if you can forego those improvements, it means you should be able to haggle hard on an outgoing 2014 model if you want to buy new.
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  16. Actually after this thread I stumbled across an article. The more recent updates to this bike improve it's value proposition and at $13500 and being a nice light bike, it's much more attractive to me than it was a few years ago.