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Motovlogging set-up questions

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by Arnas, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. Hey! I'd like to start making some videos however was wondering how do you guys set up your equipment to prepare for it ? I've mounted my camera (Sony hdr as100vr) to the side of my helmet already however if I'm riding all I can hear is just alot of wind noise. My guess I'd either need internal helmet or somehow block the wind to reach microphone thats inside the camera.I'm planning to purchase sena bluetooth headset and was wondering if there is a way to perhaps link camera and bluetooth together so they both use same microphone?

  2. does your camera allow external microphone input? If so buy a cheap mic with a flexible cable to bend into your helmet
  3. You will need an external mic to eliminate wind noise. Putting it in your helmet won't necessarily eliminate all of it, it depends upon your helmet. If you aren't going to do audio commentary, you could attach the mic to a backpack or inside your jacket.
  4. Alright so far what I've learned online is I'll need to purchase Sony Skeleton Frame mount because the standard waterproof case has no microphone jack plugin slot. Once I have new mount I'll probably try to attach something like http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/181617193159 and see how the quality is.
  5. Yes, Sena makes a camera for this. They call it the Prism.
  6. Hello guys! Setting up my equipment (Hero4) to prepare for a track day, and planning to post it as a video-log. Any suggestions or ideas on gimbal stabilizers for the GoPro cameras? I have tried a few options in my past weekends (DJI, some chinese brands) but nothing worked well. I have heard of a German company doing something in Europe and also about this Dareware Labs making something for bikes. Has anyone ever used something that actually works and won't cost me thousands of dollars?
  7. These are the best gimbals I've seen so far. http://www.feiyu-tech.com
    Check out their facebbok page for some user videos

    I'm sure you could do something with one of these to mount it on the bike. I'm looking at doing something similar to have a Motogp style gyro cam on at the back of the bike
  8. So, basic question, whats the best cam to buy? LOL
  9. I've got a similar camera to yours, a Sony AS20. It has an external mic input like yours. I bought skeleton frame and run the external mic wire into my helmet. Works well.

    There is also a very neat waterproof case mod on youtube where a guy shows you how to create a hole for an external mic......I doubt the waterproofing afterwards though. These cameras are splash proof in any case, so I just leave it out in the open in the rain and it still works.

    I saw a guy the other day with industrial strength velcro. One side was stuck directly to the camera, the other directly to his helmet. It looked very neat and tidy and very stable. Could be another option if you don't want it sticking out as far as it does. Would probably catch more of the helmet in the field of view, but captures enough of everything else that it doesn't matter.

    I have a GoPro silver as well as a SJ4000 and have stuck with the Sony for it's built in anti shake feature.
  10. You could be lazy and get a Sena 20C - comes with camera, external mic and let's you intercom to other riders plus bluetooth.

    My set up:
    GoPro Hero 4 + external mic or on rainy days I use the sena bluetooth audio pack.