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Mototecnic in Knoxfield (Vic)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Quo Vadas, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Was riding along Ferntree Gully rd today in Knoxfield when I saw a few sweet looking bikes lined up along the ride. Pulled in and noticed this Business - Mototecnic.

    Went inside the showroom and found myself in the land of bike p0rn - MV Agusta's, SP1&2's, Ducati's, Aprilia's etc........ohhhh so nice.
    A real bike enthusiasts playground and I just found myself walking around drooling.
    Customer service was awesome and the salesman took me through the workshop to show me more bikes and gave me the whole rundown on the business. They do everything from servicing to spare parts and most importantly, sell some serious bikes in pristine condition. The prices on the bikes were also very friendly and have me now thinking on another toy for the garage...........hmmmmmm.

    I am in NO WAY affiliated with this store but thought i'd share my expereince as I was very impressed with their selection of bikes and the customer service that I was given.


    p.s. They are currently running a 30% discount on labour costs for all servicing this month :beer:
  2. had the daytona servied there last month verry freindly helpfull and competent will go back
  3. just had my 4th service with these guys im a happy camper
  4. My mate brought a CFmoto from there, stuffed him around for weeks trying to get one with excuse after excuse. Their customer service is awesome right up to the point you sign a contract / hand over money.

    Now he just had his first service / have issues fixed with the bike, nothing was fixed and they didn't even get it back to him same day or call to let him know. Very unprofessional operation I think, there are better places out there.

    Go to Dynoverks in knoxfield if you want servicing :)
  5. ive been going there since they opened no problems whatsoever would recommend them to anyone
  6. Yeah, they've got a bunch of interesting bikes in the showroom. I like having a browse there. Track bikes too, not just road bikes.
  7. Sure you are not thinking of the other shop at the opposite end of the block that does all the grey imports?
  8. Na it was the front building with all the new MV stuff in there, I was with him through the whole ordeal.
  9. Can you enlighten me with what was wrong with the bike?
    I find it VERY hard to believe that nothing was fixed on the bike. Did your mate take the bike back or did they address the issues that your friend raised?

  10. no response?
  11. Bike has been intermittently cutting out and loosing all power. Also the speedometer drops out and reads random speeds all the time. Also the kick stand cutout wiring loom was dragging on the chain which I had to fix.

    Issues were raised with them which is why it came in for its first service slightly early. Bike came back exactly the same 2 days later, didn't even bother to ring him to advise they would be holding on to it, he had to chase them up.

    Its not my bike so I don't have much say in it but I have ridden it and had the issues aswell.

    My opinion of them is that if they are getting money from you they will probably look after you. Once you have signed a contract for a new bike or need warranty work done everything goes out the window and they stop caring. They even had the nerve to charge him more for the service than what was quoted over the phone despite all the issues the bike is having.
  12. you sound bitter
  13. I couldn't care how I sound, I just hate seeing people getting shafted by dealers.

    In any case people want feedback so there is some feedback? If you don't like it then ignore it, I won't loose sleep over it.
  14. maybe a bit sour?
  15. in all seriousness has he taken it back a second time?
  16. Not yet, it will be going back again soon when it can be organized. The world doesn't revolve around running bikes back and forth to dealers. It is no excuse for them not putting the effort in the first time around either.
  17. i will be in there tomorrow want me to put in a word?
  18. Na thats cool, he is going on holidays for a bit then it will be going in again when hes back ill do a bit more riding on it and see if anything improves though its been consistent so far.
  19. i will show him this thread though
  20. Always good to give dealers feedback as sometimes they aren't aware of things that happen in the background sometimes. I believe they have some new manager now that wasn't there when he brought the bike either which may explain why it took so long to get everything done.