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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Sitting Bull, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Anyone purchased from them, any good?
    Prices seem good, shipping reasonable and looks like a fairly well laid out website.

  2. I found a little bit of feedback on net, none of it bad. I'm gonna give'm a try with some Spidi Leathers. I'll report my findings for anyone interested.
  3. I've just made a second order with Motostorm after a positive experience with my first.
    Communication is excellent with emails answered usually within a day and always helpful.
    Shipping is through Fedex, good tracking and delivery took 5 days from Italy to my door in Tassie.
    It pays to check that things are in stock before putting them through the checkout if you are in are hurry. My jacket was delayed from the manufacturer and took 10 days to ship from my order date, no big deal. It appears that they receive stock directly from the manufacturer, in Italy anyway.
    My package had been subjected to water in transit and had been completely taped up on the bottom with Fedex tape. Thankfully nothing inside was damaged. I informed Motostorm and they replied that they were responsible for any damaged inflicted in transit and they would ensure future orders were packaged to prevent water damage.
    I used paypal and billing is in euros, the exchange rate was pretty good through my bank and I received two vouchers for 20 euro off my next order/200 euro spend.