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Motorycling numbers in Australia, 2000 - 2010, need data!

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by robsalvv, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. My google fu is letting me down.

    I'm trying to find out the number of licensed motorcyclists and number of registered motorcyclists in Australia for at least the range 2000 - 2010.

    I've come across all manner of state and national statistical crash reports, and other reports clearly showing that motorcycling is the fastest growing section of the australian transport sector and road market... I can find some individual stats on individual states, but the national picture seems to have eluded me.

    Next port of call is to start calling the ATC, ATSB, Department of infrastructre, ABS and any other national government body I can think of.

    Anyone with leads or better google fu, that is willing to help, would be owed a drink sometime!

    Thanks guys /gals.

  2. The bureau of statistics does do a motor vehicle census, but not every year unfortunately.

    Not sure if that helps or not. Incidentally you can also get the sales figures for new bikes for each year from the FCAI website.
  3. Thanks fellers. That's exactly the data I've been finding. It seems then that that may be what I'll have to work with... but there must be year to year somewhere!

    Thanks again gents.
  4. I'll send an email to my transport engineer friend & see if he's got anything...
  5. Cheers guys! :) Bit of statistical analysis coming up.
  6. Hey Rob, didn't get any raw data, but I've got a PDF that might have some useful references, pm me your email & I'll shoot it over.
  7. Rob, you actually saw the numbers two weeks ago. :LOL:


  8. Where'd they get that data though Justus?! No matter how I search the ABS, I get the same papers the gents above have linked.
  9. Motor vehicle Census, Australia,
    I just had a look.
    Gives the breakdown of motor cycles through out Australia, And every other vehicle as well,
  10. Here are the stats - I wasn't able to find rego data for the decade - but did a line of best fit between the known dates (thanks gents for pointing to those figures from ABS).

    First graph shows the raw fatality figures from 1989 onwards. There's a trend line that shows a very gradual decline.

    The second graph shows a focus on the last decade, and it shows pretty clearly that as a nation, motorcycles have HALVED their crash rate. The raw numbers don't look brilliant, but the bright blue line tells the story!

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  11. ...might have to link them to a photobucket account when I get a chance - NR pic hosting sucks!